August 2016

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Email Projects Lead to Copywriter Success to the Tune of $3,500+

AWAI Member Penny Hunt lands $3,500+ worth of work from one client. Doing good work and being easy to work with led to her copywriter success.

You Could be up and Running as an E-Newsletter Writer in Just a Few Weekends…

Writing emails is one of the fastest ways to make money as a freelance writer. And if you sign up by midnight tonight (ET), you can save $50 on AWAI's E-Newsletters Program. Get all the details here!

Are You Putting The Writer’s Life on Hold? Les Worley Did and Almost Lost His Dream

AWAI member Les Worley decided to seize the writer’s life in 2005. But circumstances almost kept him from his dream life. Is this happening to you?

How to Protect Your WordPress Site from Hackers

Hackers are after your freelance website. Here’s how you can protect your WordPress site from malicious attacks.

Fastest Way to Make a Living as a Writer

Writing emails is one of the easiest ways to transition into the writer's life. And for a limited time AWAI's e-newsletters program is available for a $50 discount. Get all the details here!

Just For Fun: Do You Know These “Everyday Holdovers”?

Do you get blank stares from people under 25 when you say things like “you sound like a broken record.” Let’s take a fun look at “everyday holdovers.”

The Truth About Failures: They Improve Your Likelihood of Success

Few people welcome failure, but the truth about failure is that, when you deal with it properly, it will actually speed you toward success.

Make a Predictable Income by Writing Email Newsletters

Crafting e-newsletters is an easy way to get started as a freelance writer, and Creating Email Newsletters for Professional Service Firms has all the tools you need to get started. Learn more here.

When to Use a Deceptive Headline or Subject Line to Gain Your Reader’s Attention

Provocative headlines and subject lines grab attention. When can you slide over the border from provocative to deceptive?

Retired School Counselor Finds Extra Income Copywriting – from Costa Rica

AWAI member Janet Grosshandler took her copywriting career to the next level and is now living the writer's life. Read all about her journey here!

Get AWAI Verified® and land top copywriting jobs

When you become AWAI Verified®, you let the world know you're a qualified direct-response copywriter ready to take on high-paying copywriting jobs.

The Call that Ramps Up Your Promotion’s Chances of Success

Thinking your client wants you to know everything when he first hires you is a rookie mistake. Here’s how to avoid it … and improve your success.

Land a Copywriting Job with This Financial Publisher

Secure a freelance copywriting job with one of the industry’s top financial publishers – only at AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair.

Why “How Do I Find Clients?” is the Wrong Question

Savvy copywriters know big paydays don’t come from the first contract … but from all the ones that follow.

From Zero to Steady Client Flow in 3 Simple Steps

Joshua Boswell is a six-figure copywriter and an expert in getting clients. Join him tomorrow for a FREE webinar, and find out how you can get some of his same strategies for success.

Why Not Having Testimonials in Your Sales Letter Could Hijack Response

To overcome the prospect’s natural skepticism, inject a dose of credibility into your sales message using the power of testimonials.

Free Webinar and Q&A: Getting Your Foot in the Door with Potential Clients

Learn five ways to get started with clients — and how to choose one best suited to you — by joining Katie and Rebecca this Friday on a FREE webinar and Q&A.

Live: The Barefoot Writer August Issue

The August Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

Last Call: LIVE Web Copywriting 2.0 Training

If you haven't signed up yet for AWAI's Web Copywriting Companion Series, it’s your last day to save AND get in on the chance to attend live training sessions with Nick Usborne himself. Get all the details here.

Afraid to Dive In? The Writer’s Island Life Style is Waiting for You

One copywriter wanted to live the writer’s island life. To achieve her goal, she committed 100% to AWAI and found confidence from learning and doing.

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