August 2016

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Learn to Design Response and Land Copywriting Jobs

Bootcamp Speaker Lori Haller is a graphic designer who knows how to blend copy with design to boost response. Her secrets will land you top copywriting jobs.

A Handy Tool to Boost Your Marketing Effectiveness

Discover how the Marketing Effectiveness Matrix will help you find and land clients faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Learning Styles That Help You Achieve The Writer’s Life in the Fastest Time Possible

You may yearn for the writer's life and believe you’re a writer, but you still must learn the basics. What’s the best way to learn?

Online Copywriting Jobs Are Yours for the Taking After This Hands-on Training

Expert Nick Usborne helps you master writing for the web in this live webinar series covering all aspects of this niche. You’ll be able to land high-paying online writing jobs.

The Second Essential Key to Success that Keeps You Moving Toward The Writer’s Life

Adopting an attitude of success is crucial for achieving the writer's life. But it’s NOT enough unless you take this essential step.

5 Emails That Increase Client Revenues

Email marketing still offers one of the best returns on investment. Do even better with these five emails that increase client revenues.

I Want to Help You With Your Online Copywriting Training

If you're looking to become an online copywriter, who better to learn from than Nick Usborne himself. Find out here how you can participate in upcoming live training sessions and receive a discount now!

From Housekeeper to Well-Paid Copywriter – at 23

This AWAI Member changed her career - and while just 23! Find out how the Accelerated Copywriting Program helped her chase her dreams and indulge her life.

Use These Four Keys to Reach Your Quest of Living The Writer’s Life

If you're serious about achieving the writer's life, your first and most important step has nothing to do with writing. Here's what that it must be.

AWAI’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge Starts August 8th!

If you've ever wanted to try meditation, but needed just a little extra push and accountability, now's a great time to try AWAI's Meditation Program and 21 Day Challenge. Get all the details and how to sign up here!

Meditation for Writers (Your Questions Answered!)

If you've ever tried meditation - or if you're simply just curious about it - you'll want to check out AWAI's Accessing the Writer Within ... and Rebecca Matter is here with Annette Annechild, the creator of the program, to answer any question you may have!

Use These Zen Strategies to Defeat Your Biggest Writing Demon

What can you do when the “words refuse to come?” The solution is not to take a direct approach, but to try these seven “Zen strategies.”

Why Copywriting is the Best Freelance Career and Why You Should Become a Copywriter Now

Forbes ranked copywriting as the best freelance career worth quitting your job… Here’s why that is true.

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