November 2016

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It’s Official! AWAI Headquarters Has Moved

AWAI's headquarters has moved - here's all the details about our exciting new location!

The Six-Figure Copywriter’s Slacker “Crib Sheet”

The simplest and most obvious way ever invented for making a six-figure living online and in just minutes per day.”

Just 4 Strategic Steps to Your 10 Minutes Per Day, No-Client Writer's Life

Ben Settle has leveraged being a “slacker” into a seven-figure career writing 10 minutes a day without clients. Learn his 4 strategic steps to success.

Revealed: One Writer’s Secret to Earning Six-Figures, With ZERO Clients…

As an AWAI member you probably already know that you can make six-figures working from home. But with Ben Settle's new program, we're going to show you how you can do that without any clients AND with just one 10-minute email a day!

Copywriter Goes on the Ultimate Bucket List Trip – and Finds Fulfillment Every Single Day at Home – with the Writer’s Life

Copywriting has allowed Starr Daubenmire the chance to travel and do the things she loves, all while working and being her own boss. Check out this video of how she's living the writer's life and how you can too!

Release the Writing Kraken on Your Lifestyle

Does achieving the writer's life by writing less than an hour a day appeal to you? Email Master Copywriter gives his strategies for doing this.

Discover the Hidden Gold in Your Background

There’s copywriting gold in your background! Discover how to find it and leverage your experience as a successful B2B copywriter.

How to Live The Writer's Life Without Having Any Clients

If you want to achieve the writer's life, you must get clients, right? Maybe not. You can discover strategies to make money writing without clients.

Get Training to Take on High-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs Online

There are thousands of high-paying online freelance writing jobs waiting for you. Now you can get the right training to take them on with confidence.

5 Ways to Find More Time to Grow Your Web-Writing Business

Whether you’re brand new to web-writing or you’ve been at this for a while, learning to find more time to grow your business is a valuable skill.

How to Find Your Best Web-Writing Niche in a World of Crazy Abundance

Choosing the best niche can be a challenge. And, surprisingly, the greater the number of choices, the harder it can be to find your perfect niche.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Steve Maurer

Steve Maurer was “king of the $5 article” — until he found a better way. Read about what sparked an increase in Steve’s income and brought him closer to the writer’s life.

To Market Your Freelance Business Effectively, Try Being a Little Provocative

Has your quest for the writer's life come to a grinding halt because you’re not using a strong self-marketing message? Try Nick Usborne’s strategy.

How to Get Paid Sooner as a Writer

There's a wealth of opportunity within online copywriting. And right now, you can try AWAI's Web Copywriting 2.0 for $150 off...find out how you can learn from Nick Usborne himself - and get some great free bonuses!

Herschell Gordon Lewis: A True Inspiration to Many Copywriters and Marketers

Remembering the brilliance of a copy and marketing genius, Herschell Gordon Lewis.

What the Potatoes and Carrots of Ecuador Have to Do with Setting Achievable Writing Goals

Achieving the writer's life takes commitment. But it takes more than that, too. COS member Les Worley tells how sometimes it takes potatoes and carrots.

Exclusive Video: Watch Now - How Copywriting Has Changed Their Lives … and Can Do the Same for You

Copywriting can change your life - and make you richer. Check out this exclusive may just inspire you to change your own life!

Find Copywriter Success by Experiencing Bootcamp at Home

With Bootcamp Home Study you experience every minute of Bootcamp on video. Get the tips, tricks, and techniques from expert copywriters you need for your copywriter success.

Four FREE Secrets on Writing Success from Best-Selling Author Alexander Green

Best-selling author Alex Green directs The Oxford Club Communique. He’s eager to give you four secrets he uses to ramp up your writing success.

How Master Copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole’s 4 Kids Can Inspire You to Greater Copywriting Success

Inspiration for writing comes from many places. For Master Copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole it comes from her kids. Here’s how they’ll inspire you.

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