January 2017

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An Invitation to Steal Clayton Makepeace’s Advanced Copywriting Techniques Persuading Prospects to Buy

Few copywriters have had more success persuading prospects to buy than Clayton Makepeace. Here are three (of six) of his surefire winning strategies.

This Copywriting Legend Will Help YOU Succeed in 2017

If you'd like to join Clayton Makepeace's Mastermind Alliance this year, now is a great time to sign up AND receive a $500 reward! Read here for more details.

How Great Copywriters Paint a Picture that Consumes the Prospect

The shocking truth why great copywriters never try and sell prospects with their copy… instead they paint pictures that consume them.

Arnold Palmer's Secret to Copywriting Success

2016 saw the passing of golf course great Arnold Palmer. Surprisingly, he left a legacy for you as a copywriter.

January Issue: Top Writing Opps in 2017

The January Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

AWAI Member Uses “Shortcuts” to Contact and Land His Ideal Clients … and Run His Writing Business Efficiently

AWAI's program, Essential Templates for Your Copywriting Business, is a huge resource when it comes to managing your freelance business. Find out how having these systems in place provided a valuable shortcut for member Steve Maurer-AND how you can get them for a $50 discount, now until January 8!

Only Three Spots Remain for Web Copywriting Intensive

There are three spots left for this year's Web Copywriting Intensive in Austin, and one of those could be yours - sign up NOW and save $1,000 on your registration!

A Master Copywriter’s Shortcut to Being Believed

The secret to successful copywriting is being believed. But your reader won’t believe your charts, diagrams, and data without this crucial component.

Gordon Graham: How B2B Companies Use White Papers

In this video interview, Gordon Graham talks about how B2B companies are using white papers and how you can add them into your content marketing services.

Video Interview: Brian Edmondson on Website, Traffic, List-Building, and Conversions

Heather Robson, Wealthy Web Writer's Managing Editor interviewed Brian Edmondson about what it takes to build a successful website business. You can read more about it and watch a video of Brian's interview here.

60 Writers Make a Quantum Leap to Success. Will You Be One?

How much could you benefit if you had individual attention from a copywriting mentor guiding your writing? Member Steve Maurer tells how he’s benefited.

The Must-Attend Event for Landing Web Copywriting Jobs

The Web Copywriting Intensive will help you find and land the highest-paying web copywriting jobs.

Do Accountability Groups Work?

There are two schools of thought on accountability groups. One says they’re great. The other says they provide false security. See how it all shakes out.

Why I Keep Coming Back Every Year. And Why You Should Join Me.

Just a few years ago, Steve Maurer dreamt of becoming a successful web copywriter. He has a secret that allowed him to reach his dream.

4 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Freelance Business with Twitter — Right Now

Is Twitter just a “fun thing” to let people know about your last meal? Or is it a useful marketing tool? AWAI member Henry Bingaman gives the answer.

The Ultimate Copywriting Job — No Clients Needed

Write your own money-making website for passive income. It’s a very lucrative copywriting job.

“A-List” Copywriter Nick Usborne Shares Why Copywriting is the Ideal Career Choice

Copywriting is the ideal career choice because you get freedom to live where you want, write what you want, and earn as much money as you want.

How Not to Bury Your Copywriting Success

Many copywriters bury their copy’s success under useless fluff. Mark Ford’s “Rule of Thumb” solves this problem.

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