February 2017

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Free Webinar and Q&A: Make More Money as a Writer

Join Katie and Rebecca this Friday for a FREE webinar about how you can make more money as a writer each year, no matter what niche you choose or where you're currently at in your path to the writer's life. Get all the details and sign up here!

February Barefoot Writer: Love + Self = Writing Success

The February Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

Business to Business Copywriting: The Safest Path to Success

If you need help choosing a path for your writing career, you should consider the business-to-business market. It's the path where most copywriters find success and have the easiest time getting up and running. Plus, we've put together a special plan to help you get started.

Hate Writing Long Sales Copy? Great! You’re Perfect for This Lucrative Opportunity

Is your pursuit of the writer's life stalled because you hate writing long sales copy? Then, you're perfectly suited for this lucrative opportunity.

It’s Your Turn to Live The Writer’s Life

You know B2B copywriting is your path to success, but when can you start living the writer’s life? Right now. Find out how…

This AWAI Member Doesn’t Like Writing Long-Form Sales Copy. What’s His Secret to Achieving The Writer's Life So Quickly?

John Brewer doesn’t like writing long-form sales copy. But in just two short years, he’s already living the writer's life. What’s his secret?

5 Ways to Know You’re Ready For A Full-Time Career in Copywriting

Before you switch from part-time writer to a full-time career in copywriting, AWAI guest writer Eric Borger helps you do a readiness gut check.

How to Use Your Website to Grow Your List

Your professional freelance writing website is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. Learn how to use it to grow your list of clients.

Why Self-Reliance is Overrated in Copywriting Success

Self-reliance can be a valuable asset when working to achieve the writer's life. But it can also be a trap that stalls success.

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