April 2018

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How Old School Clientless Copywriters Kick-Started Their Businesses

For a “shortcut” way to start (and profit from) a clientless copywriting business, here’s how the old school great writers did it 50+ years ago.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Lori Haller

Master Graphic Designer Lori Haller shares a different side of the Barefoot Writing lifestyle.

How Gene Schwartz’s Clientless Copywriting Business Made Him Rich Beyond the Dreams of Avarice

Legendary copywriter Gene Schwartz made a fortune using this tactic 50 years ago, and it can work for you too. Here are five ways you can get started.

Pay Yourself for Every Word You Write

Earning money from clients is just one way to get paid for your writing. You can also pay yourself by writing emails in your spare time.

Find High Paid Copywriting Success in Just 10 Minutes Per Day

Ben Settle makes six-figures each year as a writer without clients. He’s ready to show you how to get that kind of copywriter success too.

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