May 2018

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Command Top Fees After Joining This Elite Group

Copywriting success comes with challenges ... and commanding top fees is one of them. But you don't have to be alone - find your support system in a membership with B2B Writing Success.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Carline Anglade-Cole

Celebrated six-figure writer Carline Anglade-Cole shares her best secrets for landing paid writing work.

How I Got My First Copywriting Client, and How You Can Too!

Demand for online copywriters is huge. Get started by following these five steps to land a writing project. Plus, learn three bonus tips for success.

Endless Copywriting Opportunities: Help Your Client with Their Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is used by companies of all sizes and is creating an endless amount of copywriting opportunities.

Mentorship from a Top Copywriter Leads to Web Copywriting Jobs

Nick Usborne has been training up-and-coming freelancers for years in the skills they need to land web copywriting jobs.

The Easy Way to Live The Writer’s Life

The May Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

What Bob Bly and Princess Leia Have in Common... And How It Led to a Memorable Bootcamp Moment

The experts at AWAI’s annual Copywriting Bootcamp go above and beyond for attendees. This spontaneous moment with legendary Bob Bly is a great example.

Your Key to Landing Web Copywriting Jobs

There’s no better person to teach you how to secure high paying web copywriting jobs than industry vet Nick Usborne.

The “Marketing Agency Piggyback” Strategy for New B2B Copywriters

Need clients? The “Marketing Agency Piggyback” strategy may be the perfect solution to get B2B copywriting clients fast!

3 Reasons Why Online Copywriters Are Finding It Easier Than Ever to Land New Clients

Reaching a large number of prospective clients is easier than ever, especially with Nick Usborne’s ninja trick. Here’s how to get your foot in the door.

How to Write a Strong P.S.

The second most important part of your sales letter is the postscript. Learn how to write a strong P.S. and maximize your sales letter results.

Productivity Tips for Copywriting Success

More productive copywriters make more money and experience faster copywriting success.

To Succeed Faster... Imitate, Don't Innovate

Copywriting success is easier when you follow a straightforward path. Steve Maurer explains one guiding rule to keep in mind to succeed at a faster pace.

Copywriting Jobs in Paradise

Tony Boatright is living the writer’s life abroad … and having no problem finding copywriting jobs.

Join the Club That Helps You Land B2B Copywriting Jobs

B2B is one of the most lucrative freelance niches, with plenty of copywriting jobs available.

How AWAI Member Liz Farr Is Turning Her Past Experience into Multiple Copywriting Jobs

Using her work experience and expertise in her specific niche helped Liz Farr land good copywriting jobs and grow her writing business faster.

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