February 2019

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5 Ways to Get Your Feet Wet as a New Copywriter

With online marketing today, there are more opportunities for writers than ever. Here are short in-demand collateral copy projects you could get paid for.

A Way to Get Paid $500 an Hour Helping Other People Make Money

Use these three master selling tips to help your clients make more money, while you wind up earning handsome fees, even as much as $500 an hour.

A Foot in the Door with a Major Publisher Leads to More Copywriting Jobs

This copywriter is using her skills and contacts to work on high profile copywriting jobs.

Overcome Writer Procrastination with this 5-Step Plan - Free Webinar and Q&A

Join us for this FREE webinar with Ted Capshaw and learn how to make changes that will move you forward, so you can achieve a sustainable and satisfying writer’s life.

February Issue: Gateway trick to higher fees

The February Issue of the Barefoot Writer is now live.

Specialization Pays Off in Copywriting

B2B marketing can be a fast route to the writer's life. But to achieve success even faster, use these tactics to attract the attention of prospective clients.

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