Monday Morning Jumpstart –
Look Back to Get Ahead in 2022

Have you set your writing goals for 2022?

If so, do you know why you picked the goals that you did? And if not, I want you to sit tight before you do …

In this Monday Morning Jumpstart with AWAI Chief Success Officer, Ted Capshaw, we’re going to tackle goal setting in a way that’s a bit counter-intuitive …

By first looking backwards … in order to move forward.

Take a few minutes and let’s get this week started right!

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Comments, questions, or ideas about today’s session?

Share them in the comments below!

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Published: January 17, 2022

28 Responses to “Monday Morning Jumpstart: Look Back to Get Ahead in 2022”

  1. I'd like to thank each and everyone who has welcomed me into this AWAI group. I'm so excited and looking forward to working closely with you all.
    Take care, stay safe and God bless. Tess xx

    Guest (TESS EVANS)

  2. This is the perfect motivation needed for a Monday Morning to start your week off right on a positive note! And what better way to start than with goal setting! Ted guiding you to reflect first, knowing where you've been so you realistically know where you're going is brilliant! This video is a must for everyone! This process is short, clear, concise and can be used in every facet of your life! Kudos to Ted and Rebecca! I can't wait for next Monday!

    Marile Swift

  3. Great talk this morning! Lots of terrific ideas, but one forced me to take notice. And that was Ted's comment on emotions. What emotions came up during 2021? Why?

    For me it was RESENTMENT. Yes, resentment. I took on too much work over the summer and found myself at my desk from 6:00 a.m until 10:00 p.m. And then I tried to add time for NaNoWriMo. It was too much and my brain was exhausted, and all that led to resentment.

    My goal this year is have the "right" clients and the right work.

    Guest (Mary Vosika)

  4. What?! I get a daily dose of Rebecca and Ted each morning now? This is fantastic. And it's exactly what I needed on this early Monday morning here in St. Louis.

    I have a habit of spending 10 minutes with my morning coffee to "calibrate" my day and you can bet I just added your Morning Jumpstart to that routine.

    Thank you for bringing so much value to all of us. Cheers!

    Gidget Hall

  5. Excellent Monday Morning Jumpstart!

    Reflect PRIOR to setting new Goals:


    1) Personal
    2) Physical & Mental Wellbeing
    3) Business

    Guest (AJ Myers)

  6. The suggestion to spend time in reflection on a deep level is a welcome departure from impulsive goal setting for the new year. Thank you for advising us to hit the pause button and be still with our interior compass.

    Guest (Michele Ozumba)

  7. Would you consider including a transcript to go along with audio materials?

    Good advice about reflection

    Guest (Kerry Dexter)

  8. Hi guys. I really enjoyed the Monday Morning Motivation. For myself, I realized that I avoid reflecting every year due to my disappointment with how the year went. Also, it seems more time consuming to reflect than just to jump in and get started. After today, I realized I have been avoiding the thing that will help me the most, and that is reflecting and accessing the past. I look forward to next week. Maybe you guys can do a pick and pay program..pick any program to pay on monthly 🤷🏾‍♀️


  9. So glad to have found this jumpstart this morning!
    For 2021, I feel my 3 categories were a bit out of whack. You see, building a business, I go all in. That said, I allowed personal care to slip a bit.
    This year, I am focusing on MY day starting out with devotion time, exercise, and then work.
    Finally, my phrase for the year is
    "Where Will I Grow in 2022." My little company is going to soar this year and so will I!

    Guest (Sunni)

  10. I have been looking for many months. I am serious about joining AWAI. I cannot at this time afford 100.00 a month right now or even 49.00. I do look forward to being a part of this organization. I earned a Master's degree by writing papers and getting good grades. I am trying to work on persuasive writing now so that when I can join I will be at least one step ahead of the curve.

    Guest (Leslie)

  11. I am thrilled to see this new addition to the AWAI program. Ted Capshaw is a fantastic speaker/motivator. During the 2021 virtual Bootcamp I looked forward to hearing him everyday. He keeps me in touch with all the things my conscious mind routinely ignores. Thanks so much for this. Looking forward to Mondays!

    Nancy W

  12. Great idea to reflect on last year. I've never been one to look back, but I will this year. I had already set my goals, but now I think there may be some changes.

    Guest (Marsha)

  13. Two generations ago, James Moffett, the respected authority on writing, popularized the term "Interaction," Key in the teaching and "learning" of writing. I recommend Moffett's comments on the writing process to all writers, novice as well as professional. They are a superb starting point for discussions of writing. Anyone for interacting with me about that belief? Civility, please. "Everything has to begin" (Momaday).

    Guest (rwr)

  14. Great idea! I love it! I love how AWAI takes care of its members so well. Creativity in action. Well done!
    Thanks so much.


  15. I'm hooked on Rebecca and Ted Talks already! What a concept - reflect before jumping. Thanks, guys. See you next week!

    Guest (Roberta Lindbeck)

  16. I've been a COS member of AWAI for quite a bit of time now, and this is the first Monday Motivation I've watched: WOW!
    I'm off to reflect now.
    Thank you!


  17. This Monday Morning Jumpstart gave me fresh insight into goal setting and challenged me to consider emotional state as a factor when starting 2022.

    I struggled in 2021 with confusion at the display of divisiveness by friends, neighbors and clients. As trite as it may sound, I want to see and hear others with a deeper sense of compassion rather than judgment.

    Reflecting on emotional goals is sure to help me consider others before myself and ultimately bring success in all areas of my life.

    Guest (Theresa Hane)

  18. Hi I'd like to first say thank you for what you do for the collective as a Whole🙏❤️ The topic if goal setting and what you addressed is exactly where i need to begin. I absolutely have no issues setting goals. For i know exactly what i want and even in certain areas, how to get there. However, staying motivated and focused is where I struggle. Mainly in the area of Emotionality because I am and have always been an emotional being. I Am or have Learned so much concerning transmuting some issues surrounding my emotions, However maintaining the balance is where I need to gain more stamina. I have to continue letting old beliefs fall away by believing and accepting All is well and I Am all i need in each moment.🙏❤️💪🌎

    Guest (DeVona M White)

  19. Thanks for inviting me and having me

    Guest (JoyAnne)

  20. 2021 I lived “dead” for more than half the year. I need life and I need help. Thanks Ted for helping me see where my aversion to setting goals for this year was actually coming from. I will complete the reflection exercise, and am looking forward to next week’s jumpstart.

    Elizabeth Barlow

  21. Thank you to Rebecca, Ted, and AWAI team for beginning this Jumpstart! I very much appreciate Ted's approach and suggestions. Reflecting back is in alignment with what I've been practicing for a few months now. Plus, recently I was told "my position is no longer being continued." So the Universe is helping move me to my new career sooner than I would have jumped! I honor the wisdom shared and will be taking the guidance offered. Thank you! --Cari

    Cari Lemon

  22. Good advice to think back before plunging forward. Time management is a big one for me...and also taking on more than I can chew and thus falling behind. Setting better priorities is also something I want to improve on so I can come to the end of each day with a happy sigh that it was a good one and a lot was accomplished.

    Guest (Clara Mae Watrous)

  23. Thank you so much for this!! I’ve been in “survival mode”,just getting by, for too long. What hit home was Rebecca’s comment of how staying on such a path is not good for long-term results. Message received!

    Debbie Newman

  24. Wow! Just what I have been praying for. I have been setting unrealistic goals and becoming overwhelmed trying to learn everything at once. Which meant I took long breaks in my studies. Thank you for helping me be real and get past feeling like I can't do this when I know I love to write.

    Guest (Sonia)

  25. For Leslie...because I know exactly how she feels.
    My very first step after finding AWAI was to order The Writer's Life magazine. It was the only thing I could afford!!
    Then, I listened to free videos and webinars. It was amazing - I filled several notebooks with notes - made flashcards with different projects I could see myself writing.
    I saved junkmail, took it apart, re-wrote it - started a swipefile of "samples." Eventually, I ordered the Quick Start program...and little by little I order what I can. I'm a good story teller and love to write. So...
    continue to do the AWAI "one thing a day" and fight for your goals.
    More often than not, you'll come across a real gem to help you along - i.e. the Monday morning Jumpstart program.

    Guest (Betsy)

  26. Thank you Rebecca and Ted for these Monday Morning Jumpstarts! Such a great idea to do and very helpful. fyi that I've been reading GRIT, the Power of Passion and Perseverance, by Angela Duckworth. As I was listening to Jumpstart #2, re: having a guiding vision, I was seeing a lot of parallels between what Ted was recommending for us and the ideas in the book.

    These Jumpstarts are little gems. Thanks again!

    Sue I


    Dmitri Morningstar-- Mindful Insight

  28. I am late coming to the Monday Morning Jumpstart. But, even though I'm setting goals in June, I am finding these jumpstarts to be quite valuable.

    However, it would be easier to use if they had a webpage that collected them in order with maybe a brief synopsis. I found them with a simple search but they come up out of order which is not very helpful.

    Greg Fisher

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