We Want to Help You Achieve Your Writing Goals in 2022 …

How Can We Best Serve YOU?

Notebok with 2022 goals written

With marketing spend soaring, and the demand for writers at an all-time high, 2022 is going to be a HUGE year for writers.

We want to help you take full advantage!! So, what do you need help with right now?

Choosing a niche?

Writing better?

Picking up a specific skill set?

Landing a client?

Gaining confidence?

Getting feedback on your writing?

Let us know how we can help push you forward …

So you can achieve YOUR version of the writer’s life … making money doing what you truly love … from wherever you want to be … on your own schedule!

Just leave a comment below, telling us what you need …

And let’s get this year rolling!

The Professional Writers’ Alliance

The Professional Writers’ Alliance

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Published: January 11, 2022

18 Responses to “We Want to Help You Achieve Your Writing Goals in 2022… How Can We Best Serve YOU?”

  1. I have a niche already. Has to mindfulness meditation. Discovering the inner Self.
    But I need someone to help me work on dealines and orderly manner prrsent material

    Guest (Shoshana)

  2. I would like to see a financial assistance program started at AWAI to assist those who cannot afford many of the high-priced programs AWAI has to offer. (All it takes is someone from AWAI writing a proposal to a foundation to receive grants)

    Or, if AWAI cannot do that, then please let me know when these prize money winning contests and opportunities to obtain a scholarship will be happening.


  3. Hey DCRamsey17 - The AWAI scholarship opportunity for 2022 just opened up. You can find the details here...


    Guest (Jeremy)

  4. I understand that I need to better myself in the writing world. Can I get a job in the courses I've taken already? I have 5 months of experience in direct response with Carline Anglade- Cole's class and experience with blogging.Is there a starter job for a newbie like me? I'm volunteering with blogging also.

    Guest (Kea)

  5. I feel overwhelmed by so much information from AWAI. That’s not a complaint. However, I feel like I keep hoping to discover a road map that can steer me through it all, and help me identify and follow a good path for me.

    Guest (Trina)

  6. My freelance agency is still very new so I am still in the process of choosing a niche. The main issue I am having is lead generation.

    Guest (Tucker D Wulff)

  7. How do you reach out to broader markets to find businesses who employ larger small businesses who employ 100-150 employees? What messages are used to attract larger small businesses to write for?

    Also, how do older writers combat age discrimination when seeking clients???

    H James Hulton III The Write Stuff North Wales, PA 19454

    The Write Stuff

  8. With all of the info I've accumulated, I feel I need a coach

    Guest (Peggy)

  9. I have a niche and want to build a money making website. The niche is men’s self improvement do I start with a blog or a website?

    Guest (Richard Noss)

  10. Hi there,

    I love how you've incorporated more focused - 'take action' programs.

    There have been too many times where many of us spend most of our time learning, but not enough doing.

    Can we have a 'bit-sized' program, (similar to Ilise Benun's) focused on getting out of your own head,(confidence building).

    One that incorporates taking action by writing with feedback as well.

    Maybe using a challenge framework - great for building community and confidence!

    Thanks so much!


    Jenn B

  11. Encouragement and help boosting confidence. All of the success stories are nice, but for someone with low self esteem they just prove even more that it can’t be done because someone else can do it better (see success stores for proof). All the stories talk about how fast they can go through the programs when some of use have been on the same program for over a year and a half and still have not been able to complete (see lack of confidence and ten hour work days in a factory setting on second shift).

    Guest (Tina)

  12. It's time for me to move forward. I'd love help with landing a client, writing better, gaining confidence, getting feedback on my writing and getting better organized.
    Even though I start working early on assignments, I still tend to be rushed when it's time to submit.
    I'm not sure what I can give back, but I'm sure I can find something. Thank you.


  13. I am new to AWAI & have just been exploring everything, including getting back into writing after many years. I have been a student, originally an English Linguistics major I have always been interested in writing and how to get me there, successfully. I can't buy everything; I know I can invest. It's all kind of overwhelming; lots of emails to filter through. I'm not sure immediately what I need, but maybe to slow down on showcasing all the products. I have to explore it at my own pace


  14. I am one who thrives in well-structured processes and programs. I can write. I need direction, a step by step “guide” to assist with the entire process; written and graded assignments, financial & real time support and assistance with business structure(s).

    Feedback: I was losing momentum as these emails were made chipping away at my resolve. Your canned emails lack sensitivity and compassion. Please be reminded we’re still in the throes of this pandemic.

    This should’ve bn extended sooner.

    Guest (Jackie )

  15. I landed my first paying writing job at age 18 and am now 83, having experienced a wonderful writing career in newspapers, magazines, books and now short stories. My style has remained the same, acclimatizing itself to the guidelines required by each venue.I now draw from my life experiences, which includes living off the grid and traveling the world.

    Guest (faybaby)

  16. Im doing great working my way through your 90 day accelerated copywriting program. I now find myself critiquing the various types of copy I receive in my own mail box. But when trying to attract a client I often find I need to provide a portfolio of copy I have written. I don't have that yet and I can't accumulate a portfolio until I do get a client. I know I will get there so my focus now is on completing the accelerated program where I am learning everything I will need.

    Guest (Julian Axon)

  17. I want a forum that is not fb! Some of us simply don't use it particularly because of the many ethical qusetions raised regardng Facebook's record a long time now - and more keeps emerging almost daily.

    In addition to more affordable offers, could we also have a direct deposit option for payments for those who love in jurisdictions where debit - and credit cards are simply out of reach of many of the everyday Joes n Janes?

    Guest (David)

  18. Thank you so much, AWAI, for opening my eyes and educating me about the vast world of opportunities that exist for writers. I hope to enroll soon.

    Guest (Mike )

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