Here’s Your Chance to Get Paid $200 to Write an Ad for AWAI’s Upcoming Virtual Bootcamp 2022
Plus receive a ticket to attend the event FREE of charge!

The Writer's Life Ad Writing Contest Cover

In just a couple of months, AWAI will kick off its annual Copywriting Success & Getting Clients Virtual Bootcamp.

And after seeing the agenda, I’m confident our motto will hold true … This will be the BEST BOOTCAMP EVER!

Featured speakers include …

  • digital marketing pioneer and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ann Handley;
  • social media marketing expert Mari Smith, who shows businesses how to get high-integrity, profitable exposure online;
  • Jon Morrow, the blogger who turned SmartBlogger into one of the world’s largest blogs, reaching 4 million readers regularly; and
  • Ryan Deiss, who by age 23 was already a business mogul and the founder of several businesses. Ryan is known for creating digital marketing strategies that transform businesses into moneymaking machines.

Those are just a few of the “headliners” who will be sharing their expertise at this action-packed four-day learning event.

Over the past 25 years, Bootcamp has become known as the “must-attend” event for marketers and writers of all levels of experience. That’s because it’s changed the lives of so many people in so many ways.

And today, you’re going to have the opportunity to experience Bootcamp in a completely new way. It’s something we’ve never done before.

I’m inviting you to take part in a special Bootcamp writing challenge where if you’re one of the lucky three winners, you’ll get paid $200 for your efforts AND get a FREE ticket to attend the event.

All you have to do for a chance to win is follow the writing instructions in this article.

But first you might be wondering why we’re doing this.

Well, it’s simple.

Bootcamp is by far the biggest event that we host each year. And because it’s become such a game changer for so many people, we want to spread the word to as many writers as possible.

We’d love to give you the chance to help us do just that by writing an attention-getting ad that we can use for our online marketing campaigns.

But it runs deeper than that. Because if you decide to take us up on this challenge, you’re actually getting a chance to use your freelance copywriting skills.

And if we like what you hand in, your ad might be one of three we’ll use to promote Bootcamp. If your ad is chosen, you’ll walk away with a check in the amount of $200.

But that’s not all. You’ll also get to attend Bootcamp on us.

Yep, that’s right. You’ll be one of three people who will be given a Bootcamp pass worth $2,495 … absolutely free of charge.

The challenge is open to all AWAI writers, regardless of the level of writing experience you have … from newbie to experienced professional.

If you’ve been longing to write for AWAI and weren’t sure of the best way to go about it, here’s your chance to do it.

I’ll share the details in a minute, but let’s take a few minutes to talk about ads and why they are so important to our online campaigns.

When I say “ad,” I’m talking about writing a banner ad … a small ad that runs along the top, side, or bottom of a website with the intention of gaining attention, generating awareness, and getting visitors to take action.

That action is clicking on the link that accompanies the ad. And when they click, they are taken to either a blog post with more information, a mini-website, or a landing page with more in-depth information or an online order form.

Now that you know a little more about how ads work, I’m going to walk you through a few guidelines to help you feel comfortable writing an ad, especially if this is your first time.

Writing Ads Guideline #1: What is the goal?

Banner ads are written for different reasons, including letting potential customers know about a new product or service, offering them a discount or free report, or telling them supplies are limited.

Whatever the ad is about, as the writer you need to know what is the client’s goal is. In other words, what do they want to achieve with the ad?

Do they want to bring awareness about the product or get a visitor to take some kind of action?

Writing Ads Guideline #2: Who will read this ad?

Readers pay attention only to ads that mean something to them. It's similar to that old saying, “If you’re speaking to everybody, you’re speaking to nobody.”

Before you write an ad, you’ll want to know the target audience. What are their core desires and beliefs?

In addition to researching the target audience, the other way to get to know who you are writing to is by putting yourself in their shoes.

Writing Ads Guideline #3: Get them started with a strong headline

Whatever the goal of your ad is to gain recognition or get someone to act it all starts with a headline.

After years of studying how headlines are put together, we know the most successful ones usually share several key elements:

  • One strong idea
  • One desirable benefit
  • One driving emotion
  • One inevitable solution

In addition to these elements, AWAI has developed a set of criteria that makes writing headlines much easier for writers to do. We call these criteria the Four U’s:

  1. URGENCY. Give the prospect a reason to desire the benefit of the product/service sooner rather than later.
  2. UNIQUENESS. Make the prospect feel that there is one particular thing about the product/service that is different in at least one small way from every other product/service of that type. Uniqueness also suggests that you are talking about something real and concrete.
  3. ULTRA-SPECIFICITY. Be as precise as possible, stating true facts and figures.
  4. USEFULNESS. Promise the prospect something that has value for him.

These criteria can be applied to any kind of writing project you take on … from writing sales letters and articles to blog posts and banner ads. That’s because all good copy starts out with a compelling headline.

Writing Ads Guideline #3: Write body copy that is relevant

Much like writing a long-form sales letter that keeps your reader engaged from page one until the close, no matter the length, writing ad body copy also needs to keep your reader’s attention.

Although it’s ok to use catchy words, you don’t want to bore the reader with cliches and terminology they’ve heard before. You have limited space when writing ad body copy, so you must choose your words carefully.

Think in terms of benefits, not features. As a refresher, a benefit is the positive impact the product or service will have on the customer, whereas the feature is part of the product itself.

Writing Ads Guideline #4: Can’t resist not clicking

The body copy of your ad should get the reader eager to take the next step. That next step is clicking on the link in your ad. This is also known as the call to action.

You want the call to action to be explicit. A simple “click here” may just do the trick, but you can also experiment with some more specific approaches, such as “read our free report,” “join our contest,” or “reserve your spot now.”

Now that you know the guidelines for writing an ad, it’s your turn to give it a try for the chance to win $200 and a free ticket (worth $2,495) to Bootcamp.

The Project:

Sample AWAI ad. Headline: New Program Alert! AWAI's First-Ever Copyediting Program – 80% Introductory Discount! Ad copy says: If you want to be the secret weapon who comes in at the end of the copy process and makes every piece of copy stronger … And earn great fees by providing a service every serious business needs, so they get the most out of their copy … copyediting fits the bill for you. Right now, we're offering our BRAND-NEW, FIRST-EVER, everything to know about copyediting program at an astonishing 80% discount. If you're looking for the perfect path – don't miss out.

Write an ad for AWAI’s Copywriting Success & Getting Clients Virtual Bootcamp.

When you’re ready, you can submit your ad.

I’ll be reviewing the submissions (along with help from the AWAI team), and based on what we see, we’ll pick three winners.

And those winners will be awarded a check for $200, along with a free ticket to attend Bootcamp.

Here’s a sample of the kind of ad you’ll be writing.

About The Product:

AWAI’s Copywriting Success & Getting Clients Virtual Bootcamp.

For 25 years, copywriters worldwide have called AWAI’s Bootcamp the “rocket fuel” that launched and propelled their writing careers.

It’s where writers from all age groups, backgrounds, experience levels, industries, and niches come to hear the latest writing secrets from top experts … learn up-to-the-minute industry trends … discover the hottest writing opportunities … and make lifelong connections with marketers and insiders who can impact their careers.

You can find more information on AWAI’s Copywriting Success & Getting Clients Virtual Bootcamp here.

Guidelines for Writing Your Ad

Get familiar with Bootcamp by reading all the information available on the website. It’s here you’ll find golden nuggets of information that you can use to craft your ad.

Perhaps you’ll focus your ad on a particular speaker and the information they’ll be sharing … or a testimonial of how Bootcamp changed a person’s life … or the new trends attendees will learn.

This is important, because when a reader clicks on the link in your ad (the CTA), they will be taken to this website.

The Rules for Submitting Your Ad

Rule #1: Make this all your own, original work. Remember, the real value here lies in practicing and improving your craft.

Rule #2: The headline needs to grab attention. But it also must be short. In fact, it cannot be more than 135 characters long.

Why so strict? Ads are short bursts of copy and the amount of space you have to work with is limited.

Rule #3: The body copy should be relevant to your reader. But again, you have space limitations to follow. Keep your body copy limited to five sentences in total length. You can structure your body copy as bullets, but each bullet will count as a sentence.

Rule #4: Explicit call to action. Be concise and clear. Avoid vague terminology and wording. And make certain your CTA is just 30 characters (including spaces). If the CTA doesn’t fit on one line, it will be trimmed.

Rule #5: You have a deadline.

Submit your copy by 11:59 p.m. ET (one minute before midnight) on Wednesday, July 27, 2022.

AWAI will announce the three winners on Friday, July 29.

Submission Details

This contest has ended. Check out the winners, here.

Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments.

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Published: July 20, 2022

3 Responses to “Here’s Your Chance to Get Paid $200 to Write an Ad for AWAI’s Upcoming Virtual Bootcamp 2022”

  1. The Boot Camp Challenge is such an exciting opportunity. I can't imagine a more coveted prize than free admission to what is probably the most valuable learning and networking event of the year (from what I've heard). Good Luck to everyone that enters.

    Kristan Kanyuch

  2. A great opportunity to put my content mastery and new copy-editing chops to good use. I accept the challenge!


  3. You can come home to a delicious hearty meal you just pull out of the box!

    Yes! It is now possible with our Air Fryer.

    This is a top performance with easy menu input panels.

    If you don’t taste the difference, we will gladly give your money back! 30 days Guaranteed!!

    Guest (William Yi)

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