Three Projects That Have Clients Clamoring for UX Copywriters

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Even in a shaky economy, smart companies invest in user experience (UX).

Let me rephrase that … especially in a shaky economy.

In fact, it doesn't matter what the economy is doing. Companies that understand the importance of UX will hire UX professionals because they know that providing a good user experience is key to their success.

And the number of companies that see the link between UX and profitability is growing like gangbusters.

Which means you have a big opportunity as a writer.

When you can help companies improve the user experience on their website and in their email marketing, you'll find yourself in high demand.

In fact, most of the clients I've landed in the last five years have said yes as soon as they confirmed I understood UX and how to weave it into their projects.

Now, you might be wondering, as you develop your own user experience skills, what kinds of projects clients will be seeking you out for.

Frankly, any type of project can benefit from a better user experience. But there are some projects where UX is more essential than others.

Let's look at three easy-to-approach projects that companies turn to UX copywriters for.

Give Readers the Answers They Want

Whether you call it a blog post, an article, or content, user experience plays a big role in content marketing. And that means a lot of companies want UX copywriters to help them plan and write their content.

Most often, these companies will turn to UX copywriters for help with educational content. These are the articles that people read when they're researching a solution to a problem. Think "how-to" articles and "best solution" articles.

If someone is asking, "How do I do something?" or "What is the best way to solve a problem?" they're not looking for sales material. They're looking for helpful, user-focused information. And savvy companies will make sure to provide it, often with the help of a UX copywriter.

There's a good reason for this. These articles play a key role in driving traffic and bringing in leads. Companies that publish regularly to their blog or resource library see 55% more visitors and 67% more leads than companies that don't.

And these days, people will read three to five pieces of content before they reach out to a sales rep or make a purchase. Without good content, companies lose sales.

But the key word there is "good."

People aren't looking for ho-hum content. They're looking for quality articles and blog posts that answer their questions, give them a deeper understanding of what they're looking for, and if possible, entertain them in the process.

In other words, they're looking for a good user experience!

Which is why more and more companies are looking for UX knowledge in their content writers.

Make Products Easier to Purchase

Think of all the e-commerce sites out there!

In the United States alone, there are more than 2.5 million e-commerce sites.

Every one of these sites has products to sell. And every one of those products needs its own page.

That's a lot of pages that need to be written.

And the sites that are performing best are the ones that provide a good user experience on those product pages. The design needs to be intuitive and pleasing, of course. But the copy also has to be good. Otherwise, the page will underperform.

In fact, in data gathered by Convert Cart, studies and surveys showed that:

  • Nearly nine out 10 customers cite the product page content as the factor that most influences their decision to buy.
  • Nearly nine out of 10 also say that they won't buy from a company again if the product descriptions prove not to be accurate.

Product pages are revenue generators, and if the copy isn't delivering a good user experience, fewer people are buying … and if the product descriptions aren't accurate (a huge part of UX), very few of the people who do buy will be back for future purchases.

That's why some of the most successful e-commerce companies (think Amazon and Zappos) make huge investments in UX. Done well, a good user experience — including well-written user-focused copy on the product pages — can turn an e-commerce company into a household name.

Bring UX Into the Inbox

Email marketing continues to be the hub of most online marketing efforts.

Businesses use email in all sorts of ways.

They nurture relationships with email newsletters … they promote products with special offers … they launch products with sales funnels … they make announcements … confirm purchases … provide support … all through email.

But one type of email message is especially important to the user experience and often goes ignored by companies.

This is the welcome message. The email that goes out to a new subscriber or customer welcoming them to the list (or product or app), establishing expectations, and sowing the seeds for a satisfying experience.

Welcome emails, sometimes called onboarding messages, are ridiculously effective — when written well.

How effective? According to, welcome emails have a staggering 91.43% open rate. And Campaign Monitor has found that people read welcome messages at a 42% higher rate than the regular messages sent out to a company.

When someone signs up for a list or purchases a product, you have their attention. They're watching for what comes next. And what comes next is the welcome message. Unfortunately, so many companies don't give it the attention it deserves, and that's a big missed opportunity.

Not only does the welcome message give a company a chance to highlight what's valuable about their products and services, it also sets the tone for the new customer going forward.

You can be deliberate, helpful, relevant, and useful — creating a great user experience that primes more of the audience to take the next steps and make additional future purchases.

Or you can write a bland, boring useless message that's utterly forgettable.

Smart companies are turning to UX copywriters to craft welcome messages that make a lasting good impression on their audience.

Each of these projects can help a company remain profitable during a tough economy and enjoy healthy growth when the economy is strong. It all comes down to providing a good user experience on key pages and messages … and to do that, a company needs the help of a good UX copywriter.

UX is something every writer should know and understand. This program will quickly get you up to speed and on the path to earning 30% higher fees. Check it out here.

How to Write High-Value UX Copy

How to Write High-Value UX Copy

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Published: March 1, 2024

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