Enjoy the Benefits of The Writer's Life with These 7 In-Demand Writing Projects

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Money, freedom, control …

Those are the big three when it comes to benefits of the writer's life.

But there's a hidden benefit we rarely acknowledge … yet one of the best reasons why NOW is the best time to be a writer.

I'm talking about variety …

Not only in the thousands of topics you can write about, but the dozens and dozens of types of projects you can write as well.

We just published the 2024 Copywriting Pricing Guide (you can grab a free copy here) and this year it covers 80 unique projects.

80 different ways for you to get paid!

Back when AWAI opened its doors 27 years ago, there were four core ways to make money writing: sales letters, space ads, catalogs, and radio spots.

But the birth of the internet — and then social media — brought LOADS of new opportunities …

Along with massive shifts in human behavior like defaulting to search engines for answers to questions … and the ease of researching and making buying decisions online.

With the volume of copy and content needed these days by every single company, a writer could easily run out of "free time" with a single client.

Seriously, one client is really all you need to make great money as a writer these days.

And here are some of my favorite projects that will get you in the door this year …

In-Demand Project #1: Blog Posts


Simply put, a blog is useful content on a very specific topic. Companies use these conversational pieces to attract people researching solutions, build a relationship, and ultimately prepare them to make a purchase in the future.

In-Demand Project #2: Newsletters


A newsletter has a similar intention of a blog, only it implies a relationship exists … since the recipient has given up their email address and expects to receive the conversation in their inbox.

Newsletters strengthen relationships with readers and keep them engaged with the long-term goal of converting them to customers … and then keeping those customers happy.

In-Demand Project #3: Emails


Year after year, email delivers the biggest ROI for companies. And they're the most effective marketing channel for motivating someone to take a specific action.

These short projects are easy to crank out with a little practice, once you have the fundamentals of good copywriting under your belt. And your clients can send them DAILY.

I usually don't like phrases like "write your own ticket," but when it fits, it fits! 😉

In-Demand Project #4: Sales Funnel Copy

$100-$1,000 (per email in the funnel!)

This opportunity builds on the email writing skill, by adding in strategy to the role. Your job is to move a reader who has just taken a specific action (like downloading a free report) to the next action you want them to take (like making a purchase).

This ability to plan and then write the series of emails is HOT. And can be combined with numerous other projects like …

In-Demand Project #5: Video Scripts


It turns out people retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, versus 10% when reading it in text. So, it's no surprise video is BOOMING right now …

With 8 out of 10 businesses spending a big chunk of their marketing dollars on 3-5 minute videos to demonstrate how a product works, showcase user testimonials, and offer useful tips and information.

In-Demand Project #6: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Remember those "shifts" I mentioned earlier like going to Google every time you need to know how to do something? SEO ensures YOUR client's content shows up in the result.

The pricing on this one varies by scope of project … $250 to optimize a product page, and upwards of $2,500 to write an SEO magnet. (You can learn more about this one with our free SEO training guide here.)

In-Demand Project #7: Social Media Posts


For writers who already spend a lot of time on social media, this one is a no-brainer. Your job is simply to engage an audience and drive them to valuable content produced by your client (and possibly also written by you!).

Want to keep going?

Check out our Pricing Guide where you'll find 73 MORE projects!

Not sure which one to tackle first? Want to tackle them all?

I highly recommend you check out our Infinity membership too …

It gives you full access to our entire catalog of training programs —including for all of the projects I listed above and a whole lot more — for pennies on the dollar.

You'll have every training available at your fingertips, any time you want it. Giving you the confidence to say "Yes!" to any writing project that comes your way.

>> Check it out here.

And remember …

You do not need to learn all of these projects to start making money. You just need ONE to get your foot in the door with any client …

Which allows you to make money while learning from that point on.

From there, you can choose the assignments you enjoy writing most … to build the writer's life of your choosing … complete with money, freedom, control, and variety.

The AWAI Method™

The AWAI Method™ for Becoming a Skilled, In-Demand Copywriter

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Published: March 5, 2024

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