Your Words, Your Wealth:
Why NOW Is the Time to Become Your Own Best Writing Client

Close-up of hands holding a stack of money

Most writers don't realize how much power they wield.

Especially in today's digital age.

EVERY nook and cranny of digital marketing requires a writer, to one degree or another.

Need an engaging YouTube video?

Someone's got to script it first.

Want a high-performing Facebook or TikTok ad?

Someone's got to write it.

Want to sell a course, an e-commerce product, or a service?

Someone needs to write that sales page, or script out that webinar or sales call.

Want to rank at the top of the Google search results?

Someone's got to write that optimized article.

Want to stay in touch with your customers and build a relationship?

Someone's got to be writing those emails on a regular basis.

I think you get the point.

A writer typically "touches" every part of a marketing funnel … and practically every part of the user/customer experience.

It's why a great writer with a decent amount of copywriting and marketing knowledge can make a very good income.

It's also why most savvy businesses value a great writer (even now that there are AI writing tools like ChatGPT).

But here's the thing …

These businesses — i.e., those prospective "dream" clients of yours — already know the value your words bring to the table …

But do you?

Think about it:

As a freelance copywriter, you might get hired to boost conversions … increase sales … create a marketing funnel for paid traffic to get new customers at a profit … build out follow-up email sequences … and more.

You can get paid very well for it.

But here's where many writers fail to see the forest for the trees:

They're busy making a great living and stepping over $100 bills to pick up dimes.

Because here's what I want you to understand right here, right now:

The same words you write that are helping to build your clients' wealth …

 … are the same words you could be using to make yourself wealthier.

And it's not either/or.

You Can Help Your Clients AND Help Yourself

The problem is, that most writers are only helping their clients and not doing anything to build a business that's scalable and saleable.

Let's change that.

I submit that you should start now — wherever you're at, with whatever tools you have at your disposal.

Because here's the thing:

With everything going on in the world …

And with technology and AI advancing so quickly …

 … to not start something you OWN — a scalable business that you could one day sell — is doing yourself a huge disservice.

Because who knows where we'll be in five years.

I'm not trying to be an alarmist.

I just think it's prudent to give yourself some kind of a safety net.

And hey — if nothing crazy happens in the future, you're still better off, because now you've got an income you control. One that you own. And one that could make you wealthy, all from your words.

Now, I know that the idea of starting your own thing might feel a little scary (ask me how I know!).

But here's the truth:

It's a Lot Easier to Build Your Own Clientless Writing Business Today Than Ever Before

Think about it: If you wanted to start a brick-and-mortar business, you'd need to find a retail space to do business … you'd need to file for permits … licenses … get inventory … furniture …

Basically, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in "start-up" costs — before you've even made a single dollar.

In today's digital age, you just need your brain, some writing ability, and a topic you'd love to write about.

If you can manage that, you can build what can become a substantial business — that you could one day sell for a windfall. All by starting out using either free or very "low-cost" tools.

Here's how the model works:

  • First: You write about a topic you love and make sure it's "seen" by the kind of people you want to help (i.e., your audience).
  • Next: You build your audience via your content across social media platforms, blogs, email, and more.
  • Finally: You then "monetize" that audience through any of the many ways available today — either creating your own course, writing a paid newsletter, letting other businesses advertise to your audience in exchange for a big fee, and more.

If you can do that (which I KNOW you can) … you can make five, six, or even seven-figures per year.

And that's in addition to any client work you choose to do.

3 Tips to Get You Going — NOW

So where to begin?

Here are three tips:

Tip #1 — Brainstorm a Topic. Think about the things you love, are passionate about, or WANT to learn. These are all topics you can write about and build an audience around. So take some time and try and narrow it down to three ideas. Then, pick one.

Tip #2 — Write for Yourself, First. Before you start your day writing for clients, spend 30-60 minutes writing for yourself. For now, focus on writing blog or social media posts — the kind of content that can easily get "seen" online, so you can start building an audience.

(Can't do 30-60 minutes every day? Then pick a specific day or two each week where you'll work on making your words build your wealth.)

Tip #3 — Leverage AI Tools. Instead of seeing AI writing tools like ChatGPT and Claude 2 as competition, use them to help yourself grow wealthier. Let AI handle the brainstorming of ideas … the research … even the outlines or initial drafts for your content. Then, infuse your unique voice, and voila — you've got tons of content in a fraction of the time it would normally take — still giving you plenty of time to do client work or work your current job/career.

Your Words, Your Future

Yes, writing for clients can be lucrative.

But with so much uncertainty these days, it's important to recognize your value and the potential of your words in building your personal wealth.

Now is the time to take the leap.

To transition from just being a writer to being a writer-entrepreneur.

To build something that's truly yours …

A business that reflects your passion, your values, and your vision, and that you can one day sell if you choose.

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Published: April 4, 2024

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