How to Get Fast
Copywriting Paychecks

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Do you need faster copywriting paychecks?

For most beginners, landing their ideal clients and earning high professional writing fees takes work … and sometimes it takes longer than they’d like.

But here’s the thing …

While challenging yourself to go after the income you want is totally worth the investment of time and effort …

You don’t have to wait for a “dream client” before you can start earning money.

So today, I want to show you how to use my No. 1 strategy for getting those first few paychecks, faster …

Reaching out to people in your network.

People who know you.

People who trust you.

People who are likely to need your services.

I used this strategy several times to get my business started, and I use it to inject my business with cash when big projects are moving slowly.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

  1. Brainstorm the best people to contact within your existing network.
  2. Narrow down your list to the top people you’re going to contact ASAP.
  3. Approach each person on your list with care, attention, and an update about your professional services.
  4. Help them see the opportunities you can help them with.
  5. Keep in touch and stay top of mind.

If you do these five things with focus, care, and intensity, I’d be surprised if you don’t start seeing some momentum.

So, who exactly are the best people to reach out to in your network?

Let’s explore your biggest opportunities …

Priority 1: Business owners and marketers

If you have any business owners in your network, these are the folks to start with. Think of an old boss … or that woman in your church with a real estate business.

I would also put marketers in this top category. For instance, maybe you’re still friends with the marketing manager at a previous company you’ve worked for … or simply know someone in marketing at another company. If you know a marketer, definitely add them to your list.

Priority 2: Local businesses

Next, brainstorm local businesses you’re familiar with.

This could be your dentist … your favorite cake shop … your florist … anybody!

If you know them and they have a solid product or service, put them on your list.

Priority 3: Fellow creatives

Another category worth brainstorming is other creative professionals.

I recommend focusing on creatives who are not copywriters but have complementary skill sets to yours.

Think graphic designers you know, video editors, or web developers. They may not be able to hire you directly, but perhaps they can refer you to their employer or clients.

Priority 4: Friends and family

Now let’s consider your friends, family, and anyone else who’s a fan of yours …

These people probably can’t hire you unless they’re in one of the categories above.

But what they can potentially do is get the word out about your business and connect you with people who might need your services. You’ll be amazed how people genuinely want to help.

How to Reach Out

Brainstorm all four of these categories, and don’t stop until you have at least 10 people on your list — ideally 30 or more.

Prioritize the business owners, marketers, and local businesses, since these people are most likely to be able to hire you.

Then, contact the people on your list as efficiently as you can, while still putting personal attention on each message.

Aim for one outreach per day — or more if you can.

What do you say in these messages?

It can be as simple as sending an email asking your contact what they’ve been up to and giving them an update on your life and your business. For the local businesses, you can even try showing up in person and asking for an introduction to the owner.

Keep it personal, show you’re interested in them, and don’t go on too long about yourself.

Try to use language they will understand. Since not everyone knows what “copywriting” is, you might instead use language like “I help companies with their marketing,” or “I help businesses with the writing on their websites.”

Experiment with how direct or indirect you are about offering your professional services. See what works best and then try more of that.

There’s no one right way to do it …

But showing you care about the recipient on a personal level goes a long way.

What Happens Next

Not everyone will respond right away — in fact, some may not respond at all.

Other people on your list may have opportunities for you. But don’t wait around for that to happen … See if you can point out opportunities to them.

Whatever happens, show your gratitude to the people who respond or help you in any way, and stay in touch with your best contacts. Look for creative ways to help them.

How you approach your network will change as you grow and as your business evolves. But in the long term, it’s incredibly fulfilling to tend and nurture the people around you.

In the end, you may just find that if you take care of your network, your network will take care of you.

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Published: June 7, 2024

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