Sean McCool:
Founder of Rise Up Champion

“From day one, Sean was my coach. In my third month, I was able to make more than I'd ever made working my previous job. I'm not to my ultimate goals yet, but with Sean's help, I'm on a trajectory to get there much faster.” — Jonathan Carone

Why Work With Sean?

Sean McCool

Sean is a highly successful financial writer, business consultant and speaker who has found his true calling: working with highly committed individuals to call out the champion within them; to help them rise up so they can be all they were created to be. If you feel stuck, unclear but committed to being more, and you understand that someone from the outside can see things you can’t — his coaching might be for you. He works on what’s got you stuck and what you want, whether it's sales, achieving other business or personal goals or improving the relationships around you. Sean has been a speaker at the AWAI FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp.

Specific Outcomes You Can Expect

Sean provides deep, one-on-one coaching conversations that create powerful results. He'll help you answer the “how can I BE better” question with clear intent by re-imagining what's possible in your personal and professional life — in identity, relationships and your business enterprise — through a strategic and holistic approach to living. He'll help you see opportunities you may have been missing, and confidently go after them.

His Coach Approach

You'll make a commitment of 8 or 12 weeks that involve phone sessions and exercises. When you get on the phone with Sean, you work on whatever “it” is that's holding you back from your goals and your best self. His description of the approach is this: “We get on the phone, Skype or Google Hangout. You talk. I listen. We create. The first session is a full, deep coaching experience. I pull no punches. Most people cry during their first session because we open up thoughts or patterns holding you back. Don’t worry, I cry nearly every session too.

During the coaching sessions, Sean may prescribe assignments based on your “symptoms and goals. His coaching is not for the faint of heart. It's specifically for individuals committed to doing the work it takes to dramatically increase their results in life. He noted, “You must be willing to alter your behaviors and actions as needed to get the results you desire."

In Sean's Words:

“Put very plainly, I simply love the coaching process. After working with some of the top coaches in the world throughout my personal and business career, I have come to view these types of relationships as some of the most important a human being can have. Being with another person in a space of honesty, creativity, trust and vision is the most powerful thing I have experienced. If you need medication, get a good psychiatrist. If you need therapy, get a good psychologist. If you want to be in a created space that will allow you to see clearly, be clear and create epic results … work with me.

Fees and Terms

Sean usually charges $10,000 for 12 weeks of powerful coaching, but is happy to offer AWAI copywriters a special rate of $7,500 for 12 weeks.

How to Get Started

Visit Sean's coaching page for complete details.

“Sean McCool gives me the feedback and the insights that gets results. He helps me recover my objectivity, reminding me to leverage all that I am to make a bigger impact on the world. Sean can sum up in one sentence what most people can't communicate in pages. He's the guy in the room that sees the real problem when everyone else is trying to figure it out." — Scott Newton Smith

“Sean helped me to understand areas of my life that were lacking and revealed negative thoughts and emotions that I was holding onto that were hidden from me. Just the opportunity to see them was revelation enough that personally allowed for an opportunity for great individual growth.” — Quentin Forgues