November 2008

The Next $100-Million Secret

John Forde explains Michael Masterson’s “mini review” and how this one new technique could easily bring in about $100 million in sales.

More Opportunities for Web Writers and What to Charge Your Client for Them

As a web writer, you have a lot more opportunities to earn money from your clients … most of which don’t involve writing any copy! Take a look at the top six opportunities, and how much you can make.

How to Write Catalog Copy That Sells

Bob Bly explains the key differences of writing catalog copy vs. long-form copy.

Why You Don’t Need Talent to Succeed

When learning the skill of copywriting, you can waste a lot of time practicing the wrong way. Will Newman outlines Mike Palmer’s four strategies for immediately boosting the impact of your practice.

How Much to Charge for Web Copy Projects

Curious what to charge your client for web copy? Use this handy pricing guide and never worry about under or over-pricing ever again.

How to Write Catalog Copy So a Client Wants to “Buy” You

Will Newman demonstrates how to turn run-of-the-mill feature/simple-benefit catalog copy into “must-have” copy.

A Relentless Barrage of Copywriting Secrets

AWAI Staff Writer, Jason Gaspero, reports on master copywriter Herschell Gordon Lewis’s powerful presentation at Bootcamp 2008, in which Herschell identifies common copy errors in today’s market – complete with examples – and how to correct them quickly and easily.

Copywriting Offers a Better Life

AWAI Staff Writer, Guillermo Rubio, reports on the very real opportunity copywriting provides those seeking independence, financial security and a better lifestyle.

Is Direct Mail Dead?

AWAI Staff Writer, John Wood, reports from Bootcamp 2008 on the state of the direct-mail industry, and the great revenue potential it still holds for companies and copywriters alike.

What Copywriters Need to Know About Design

AWAI Staff Writer, Jason Gaspero, reports from Bootcamp 2008 with some insider secrets on what copywriters need to know about graphic design.

The Difference Between Earning a Living and Amassing a Fortune As a Copywriter

AWAI Staff Writer, Guillermo Rubio, reports from Bootcamp 2008 on how to earn more than just a “good” living as a copywriter.

To Spec or Not to Spec

Aspiring copywriters always ask the question: “Should I work on spec?” And depending who they asked, the answer was always different. Now the jury has reached a verdict, with a definitive answer on when it’s right and when it’s wrong.

How to Target 10 Perfect Catalog Clients in Just 3 Days

Learn step-by-step how to target 10, 20, or more high-profit catalog clients in just three days. These are clients you’ll love working for … and who will pay you well.

Practice Landing Your Next Client With Nick Usborne

Even though you may feel confident that you can write effective web copy, the thought of pitching your services, negotiating your fees, and ultimately collecting your money leaves you feeling anxious. Learn how to do it with ease.

What Does a Grumpy College Professor Have to Do With the Single Most Important Skill for Copywriting Success?

Learn about the single most important skill for copywriting success and, for that matter, success in anything you do … effectively setting goals and following through with them.

Top 30 Mailers in the Catalog Industry

Discover the names and websites of 30 top mailers in the catalog industry.

4 Secrets for Developing a Powerful Catalog “Voice”

Will Newman explains what separates catalog copywriting masters from run-of-the-mill feature writers.

Industry Spotlight: Catalogs

Find out about trends and statistics in the catalog industry.

Thought Showers Are for Ninnies! – Rile Up Your Prospect’s Emotions and Ramp Up Your Selling Power With Choice Words

AWAI Staff Writer, Guillermo Rubio, illustrates how words have an amazing power to stir your emotions, and ultimately move you to action.