June 2010

How to Write Effective Emails that Engage the Reader

Rebecca Matter shows you how to write emails that keep your readers connected and provides a 5-part strategy you can use to land your first big client.

Tropical Breezes, Fruity Drinks, and My Very Own Hammock: Finding Success as a Freelancer

Heather Robson talks about a few things that made a positive difference in her pursuit of a career that offers so much freedom.

Right Brain Copy Secrets

Ted Nicholas explains how utilizing the powers of the right brain will result in highly successful sales copy.

The Secret to Success for Every Freelance Online Copywriter is to Stay Focused

Nick Usborne is going to help you get ― and stay ― focused, so you can make more money for every hour you work.

How the Writing Bug Caught Me, and Never Let Me Go

Nick Usborne explains how he became a writer living the writer’s life for over 30 years, and what the writer’s life means to him.

The 3-Ms Secret To Launch Your Copywriting Career, Fast

In this article Roy Furr tells you about the "3-Ms Secret" he discovered, that helped him launch his full-time freelance copywriting business in 3 months and 3 days.

Getting Over the Beginner's Hump With Wordpress

Sid Smith puts together a quick how-to article to get through the basics of starting your own website for your freelance business.

Tips from the Trenches: If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now …

Heather Lloyd-Martin will show you how being a self-employed SEO copywriter has allowed her to travel the world (often on someone else's dime), work the hours she wants, and make some pretty good cash. And you can do it too!

The Copywriter's Ultimate Business Card

Roy Furr explains how publishing a book can help a copywriter gain credibility and as a published author, get more clients, and command higher copywriting fees.

Skyrocket Your Web-Writing Career Using This One Simple Idea That Landed Me Zig Ziglar

Wealthy Web Writer member Cindy Cyr shares one simple change she made to her business that turned on a flow of steady high-paying clients.

Fish Funerals and Free Caribbean Vacations: The Joys of A Flexible Schedule

Jen Stevens explains how writing travel articles allow her to keep a flexible schedule, spend time with her kids, and enjoy certain perks when traveling the world.

All the Clients You Want … Putting the Midas Touch on Your Client Acquisition Efforts

When you decide to make the leap into copywriting full-time it can be scary. But it doesn’t have to be, if you follow some best practices that bestow the “Midas Touch” onto your client acquisition efforts.

How To Make $1,250 a Day as a Web Writer

Rebecca Matter sits down and interviews B2B Copywriter, Steve Slaunwhite about the opportunities of specializing in the B2B market as a web writer.

8 Years and 2,600 Miles Later …

Guillermo is living proof that everybody can achieve the writer’s life by being persistent and tenacious. He sets his own hours, and has time to pursue his passion of ballroom dancing.