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January 2013

3 Ways You Can Land a Client Using Social Media

Social media is one of the best and easiest ways to research potential clients. Jen Phillips April helps you learn to harness the client grabbing power of social media.

Getting to Know Your Best Friend in Copywriting - Part 1

Will Newman takes a look at gaining an intimate understanding of your prospect.

Quality of Life Fast-Becoming a Major Factor in Career Choice

Home-based careers like copywriting, with less-stress and financial rewards, offer ideal work-life balance for many.

Marketing Basics: Generating Repeat Business and Referrals

Christina Gillick is here with five ways to get more repeat business and referrals than you know what to do with.

If You Can Talk, You Can Write

Bob Sands learns the secrets of dictation, and tells you how they can help improve your copywriting.

When Your Demons of Disorganization Start to Win...

Will Newman takes a look at how vital being organized is for you as a copywriter … and when you’re learning the secrets of writing direct mail.

Stepping into the Writer's Life

How did Julia Borgini go from working for somebody else to going out on my own? She took Three Big Steps. Read on to learn more.

Marketing Basics: Closing the Sale and Asking for More

Christina Gillick covers the part of marketing that web writers often consider the scariest: Closing the Sale.

Unique Multi-Channel Learning Experience

Will Newman introduces you to an excellent teacher in today’s message.

Unconventional Careers in Uncertain Economic Times

Read here to learn about the top 5 boomer-friendly online freelance copywriting niches perfect for full- or part-time income.

7 Ways to Overcome Fear

Christina Gillick has some advice for differentiating fear and anxiety, and why neither should keep you from living the writer's life.

The “Heart” of Every Company

As a web writer, you have the ability to sweep in and help a company with its reputation. Megan Tyson has some tips so you can land these big clients.

What to do When it Just Won't Fit

What do you do when you’ve got things you want to say but there’s no place to put them? Will Newman helps you add information to your copy without distracting from the message.

Marketing Basics: Generating Leads and Following Up

Christina Gillick shares fast ways you can start marketing your business right away.