March 2013

5 Proactive Ways to Make Sure Clients Stay Happy With Your Work

Mindy McHorse has five proven ways to keep your client happy and boost your chances of continued work.

8 Steps to An MVP Copywriting Career

Michele Peterson gives you eight steps you can take if you want to have a copywriting career of MVP distinction.

Words That Stink Like a Dead Skunk

Will Newman keeps your copy easy to read by helping identify certain words that will slow your prospect, and maybe kill your sale.

14 Ways to Make Money as an Online Copywriter

Nick Usborne shares a slide show explaining the many benefits of becoming an online copywriter.

6 Faster Ways to Get Started As a Freelance Writer

Here are six things Christina Gillick would do to skip over those years of hearing about copywriting and go straight to freelancing.

Claiming a Niche Gives You Focus and the Power of Choice

Michele Peterson wants to help give your freelance career focus by getting you to choose your niche.

Join Me On April 15...

Will Newman deals with the trials and tribulations of building his own freelance website.

Can the Working Woman “Have It All” When It Comes to Work/Life Balance?

Many AWAI members find that freelancing offers the opportunity to have a thriving and high-paid career, as well as a flexible schedule for plenty of family and personal time.

Freelance Work-at-Home Careers Allow Writers to Make Great Livings and Work When, Where, and with Whom They Want

Recent bans on working at home by corporate giants Yahoo! and Best Buy have no effect on the rising number of freelance writers who've chosen careers outside the unpredictable corporate world.

Put Together a Marketing Plan in Seven Days

Heather Robson shows you how you can get a full-fledged marketing plan for your web-writing business up and running in just seven days.

My Cousin Michael...Brain Surgery... and The Hottest Niche in Copywriting Right Now

Will Newman fills you in on a growing niche for budding copywriters.

It’s Not Easy Being Green … 7 Things Web Writers of Any Age Can Learn From Jim Henson

Chase Canyon gives you some practical web writing tips based on the work of the legendary Jim Henson.

The Heartbeat of Powerful Copywriting

Will Newman goes over some basic differences in verbs to breathe life into your copy.