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April 2013

It Could be a Big Mistake

Will Newman has some advice that can help any copywriter avoid many unnecessary headaches.

Become the Leading Expert in Something

Michael Katz tells a great story of turning what may just be an interesting fact into a profitable focus for a freelance business.

Clearly and Simply State What You Do

Having a good answer to the “What does your company do?” question is both important and challenging. Michael Katz humorously informs us how he tackled the issue.

A $34 Billion Market That's Crying for Good Copywriters

Will Newman talks about the ever-growing, ever-paying world of social media copywriting and how it's not too late to get in.

How to Use Social Media for Keyword Research and Content Creation

Kellie Craft gives you four ways to use social media for keyword research and content development.

Worried About Being Politically Correct? STOP NOW!

Will Newman explains why political correctness should be taken out of the copywriting equation.

5 Ways to Become More Persuasive in Everything You Do

Chase Canyon helps you infuse credibility into your copywriting.

When Doubt Creeps In…

Will Newman gives you some tips for mastering yourself doubt.

4 Steps to Reverse Your Inner Conflicts: The Power of the Victory Log

Rae Robinson gives you a great idea for tracking your goals and keeping your freelance writing business on track.

How to Enjoy the “Life” in The Writer’s Life

Finding that the writing part is taking up all your time, and the life part has been somehow neglected? Rae Robinson can help.

The Top Seven Best Practices for Content Curation

What exactly is "content curation," and how does it relate to web writers? Julia Borgini explains.

When the Words Just Won’t Come

Will Newman gives advice from writing legends for tackling the blank page.