September 2013

Please Meet Some of My Best Friends

Bootcamp is almost here! This is your chance to meet the masters of copywriting: Bill Bonner, Bob Bly, Drayton Bird, and Mark Ford. Learn from the very best.

7 Ways To Be a Champion by Going the Extra Mile

Michele Peterson explains how going the extra mile can help your copywriting business grow exponentially.

Lessons from the Language of Kings: What Abe Lincoln, JFK, Reagan, Obama, and MLK Can Teach You About Writing Copy

Learn different copywriting techniques from some of the best speakers in history! They have unique styles that can help capture your readers attention.

How to Book a Steady Stream of Freelance Writing Sales Appointments

John Wood talks about a four-step system that will help you bring more prospects and clients into your freelance business.

Stepping into the Flow: Crafting Successful Copy That's Easy to Read and Easy to Write

Command your readers’ attention by writing with a good flow. Use smooth transitions, natural rhythm, and correct word choices. Learn more tips from Donna Baier Stein.

Turn “Making the Leap” Into a Risk-Free Adventure

Making the leap from full-time job to freelancer doesn’t always have to be risky. Learn how you can bring in steady income streams while in the transition process.

How to Discover and Create Your Personal Web-Writing Brand

Mindy McHorse explains the four steps of creating your personal online brand, along with why you should do it and how it’ll help your web-writing business.

Mastering The Art of Persuasion

Learn the art of persuasion from Mark Ford and Will Newman at Bootcamp this year. Learn how these persuasion tips tie into copywriting and the 3-part formula for success!

The Down-and-Dirty Checklist for Rocket-Fueled Content: 24 Elements That Will Make Your Content Blast Off and Orbit the Internet

If you follow The Down-and-Dirty Checklist for Rocket-Fueled Content by Chase Canyon, you’ll produce articles that are out of this world!

Elmore Leonard’s Tenth Rule of Writing

Elmore Leonard was a man of few and perfect words. In copywriting you should do the same. Use just enough words to get your message across & leave out unnecessary words.