April 2015

How to Prepare for the Emotional Side of Freelancing

You’ve probably heard the usual pros and cons of freelancing. Jane Sanford explores the emotional aspects of freelancing and how to be prepared.

5 Online Writing Jobs You Can Start Today

Basic direct response writing skills set you up to prosper from five online writing job opportunities that are hot right now. Find out what they are.

Power Words to Make your Promo Succeed

The verbs you use in your copy can make or break promotional writing. Here are some tips on how to effectively use verbs to paint a vivid picture for your reader.

7 Ways to Find and Connect with Prospects on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most useful tools for obtaining B2B prospects. Here’s how you can find and connect with your best prospects.

11 Tips to Higher Conversions Through Stronger Calls-to-Action

How you write your call-to-action can have a big impact on your conversions. Use these 11 tips to write stronger calls-to-action.

You’re Nowhere in Direct Marketing Without This

Good copywriting succeeds on a number of different levels. But getting your prospect to give you money (or sign up, donate, support your cause, or act) is just the end result.

7 Ways to Record Your B2B Interview

Take advantage of these easy ways to record your B2B interviews so you can catch every important point and snag the best quotes to use.

Why Your Copy SERIOUSLY Needs Personality … and 6 Easy Ways to Layer it In

Giving your writing personality is critical. No one wants to read boring, dull copy. Mindy gives you 6 tips to infuse your writing with personality.

8 Ways to Spot Dominant Emotions Your Prospects Already Have That Could Drive Your Response Rates Through the Roof - PART 2

We’re visiting with Clayton Makepeace again this week, so he can reveal the last 4 of his 8 secrets for pinpointing your prospect’s dominant emotions.

A Guide to Successful Content Curation

Content curation can be a powerful tool in your content marketing strategy. It’s even a way to get in front of your prospects and get hired!

5 Ways Writers Can Make Money Blogging

Your blog is a great way to generate web traffic and attract your target audience. But there are other ways you can make money blogging. Here are five …

8 Ways to Spot Dominant Emotions Your Prospects Already Have That Could Drive Your Response Rates Through the Roof - PART 1

How do you know what your prospects are feeling? Clayton Makepeace starts answering this frequently-asked question.

How Self-Marketing Can Lead to a Host of Projects

From doubling his freelance copywriting income to his fees quadrupling in size, this AWAI member is on a roll with bringing in the clients, work and paychecks.

How to Scratch Your Niche (And Attract More Clients)

Steve Slaunwhite explains three things you need to find out first before you can succeed in, and eventually dominate, a niche market.

Eight Ways to Become Better at Receiving Feedback

Receiving feedback from clients and other writers is one of the fastest ways to improve your skills. But it only works if you’re open to the process.

Upsells: The Secret to Instantly Increasing Your Writing Income Without Adding More Clients

Discover how adding upsells to your proposals can increase your writing income instantly. Earn more from existing clients, using this often overlooked method.