Clayton Makepeace
Direct Response Copywriting Legend

"If you can arrange it, be born into money; preferably a vast fortune.

"Failing that, be born with world-class good looks, with a heaping helping of acting, musical, or athletic talent.

"If you are unable to arrange for these things and still seek unlimited wealth and freedom, become a direct response copywriter.

"It will afford you wealth and freedom that is otherwise reserved for the world's most fortunate elite."

— Clayton Makepeace

Clayton Makepeace
Clayton Makepeace is no mere copywriting guru.

He is a full-time, working copywriter who has earned copywriting fees of $1 million or more every year since 1995 …

Who just happens to love nothing better than helping younger writers achieve the freedom and financial success he has experienced in his own life.

Clayton wrote his first direct response promo a half-century ago; in 1968 – and took his first full-time copywriter job in 1974.

Since then, Clayton's hard-hitting sales copy has enabled him to do wonderful things for clients as diverse as Phillips Publishing, Health Resources, the Libertarian Party, Rodale Press, Boardroom, Weiss Research and many others.

Before Clayton, Security Rare Coin had monthly sales of $300,000. One year after Clayton came on-board, monthly sales surpassed $16 million. Annual revenues soared to $192 million.

Before Clayton, Blanchard Rare Coin and Bullion had annual sales of $20 million. After Clayton, sales surged to over $120 million. Better yet, the owner cashed out for tens of millions, selling the company to a subsidiary of General Electric.

Clayton sold two million subscriptions to Phillips Publishing's Health & Healing newsletter. Total estimated revenues; $78 million. The promo was so successful, Clayton was retained to launch all of Phillips’ health newsletters growing forward.

He generated more than $30 million in sales for Health Resources' "Oral Chelation" supplement and millions more for the company’s other supplement products.

In the 1980s, ‘90s and 2,000s – and using direct mail alone – Clayton built three investment newsletters into the largest of their kinds in the world, selling more than 200,000 subscribers each for The Money Advocate, Personal Health Bulletin and Safe Money Report.

He created two online promotions for Weiss Research that generated revenues of up to $18.5 million in as few as 60 days … and many more $5 million, $7 million and $10 million winners.

Today, Clayton’s exclusive client is Money Map Press, arguably the largest and fastest-growing division of Agora, Inc. He can be seen working with up to a dozen freelancers at a time in addition to his permanent staff of four up-and-coming writers.

A staggering number of today’s hottest seven-figure writers give Clayton credit for their success.

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