May 2015

Do You Know Where Your "Prospect Ponds" Are?

Are you fishing in the wrong “Prospect Pond”? Steve Slaunwhite explains where you should be looking for prospects so you get more clients.

What to Do When Your Professional Web Writing Demands Multiple Personalities

Developing your web-writing voice is a powerful way to set yourself apart. Learning to capture your client’s voice is equally important.

Are You Using These “Mini-billboards” to Entice Your Reader?

Many copywriters often forget or misuse this important element of copy. Find out here which element that is and how to effectively use it.

7 Ways to Wipe Out Price Resistance

Instead of negotiating your fee, be proactive and eliminate price resistance up front with these tips from Steve Slaunwhite.

Getting Strangers to Trust You — 7 Ways to Build Website Credibility

Website visitors are a skeptical bunch. They want to know they can trust you before they share any information with you. Use these 7 tips to build website credibility.

Bring Your Promise to Life

Being a successful copywriter depends on your prospect’s belief that your promise will fulfill some deeply felt need in his life.

Why You Need To Take Action … Yesterday

Don’t let a fear of failure keep you from marketing yourself. Take action instead with these tips from Mac Bull.

Get Every Writing Project Off to a Great Start

The steps you take when starting a writing project will set you up for success or failure. Learn four steps you should take at the start of every project.

Becoming Deaf to “No”

Hearing "no" from a potential clients shouldn't stop us from pursuing their business. Try this strategy when you are confronted with that powerful, two-letter word.

4 Simple Rules for Getting More Repeat Business and Referrals

How do you get more repeat business and referrals from your clients? Steve Slaunwhite gives you four simple rules to follow.

Instant Gratification and Web-Writing Success

Online readers are on a mission. They are searching for answers and they want instant gratification. Make sure your writing gives them what they want.

How Long Should a Sales Letter Be?

Even in today’s age of the Internet, multitasking and on-the-go lifestyles, long-form sales letters still out-perform shorter ones. Mark Ford goes into detail here.

5 Proven Tips for Launching a Long-Lasting Writing Career (From a Highly-Successful Writer Who Was Once in Your Shoes!)

Mindy McHorse shares her five biggest takeaways from growing her writing business.