August 2015

Pool Pumps, The 5 Senses, & Successful Leads

The Golden Thread editor, Will Newman, shares a draft lead he is working on to show how story leads can make copy more powerful, memorable and effective.

10 Keys to B2B Freelance Copywriting Success

Use these tips to achieve the B2B freelance copywriting success you want. Just one change could make the difference in your career.

How to Solicit Useful Feedback on Your Writing and Why

Getting feedback is a key step in the writing process. Christine Butler discusses ways to getting useful feedback and why it's important.

When Web Marketing – Think Small

Whether you are writing copy that will be read on a computer screen, a smart phone or a tablet, you still must incorporate all the strategies of effective copywriting - even if you have to tighten the copy to fit the device.

How to Get Clients with Email Marketing

Email can be a helpful tool when marketing yourself. Find out how to connect with prospects and get clients with email marketing.

5 Ways to Add New Web-Writing Clients to Your Roster

With the demand for your services huge and growing, it’s a good time to be a web writer. Nick Usborne shares five ways to land new web-writing clients.

Act Now Before Disaster Strikes

Regardless of what type of copywriting you do, computers are the very foundation of our careers. Here are four huge computer mistakes you could make and how to avoid them.

How to Handle Non-Paying Clients

While most B2B clients pay their invoices promptly, you may run into one that misses a payment. Here’s what to do.

5 Unusual Ways to Hone Your Creativity

When you’re a freelance web writer, your success depends on your creativity. Use this 5 unusual techniques to enhance and hone your creativity.

Making Social Proof Work for You

Your success in convincing your prospect to buy your product isn't guaranteed just because you use social proof. Here are best practices and some things to avoid when using social proof.

Supercharge Your Google Searches

Find out how to leverage the power of Google for your online searches to find the research you need for your writing projects faster and easier.

Three Times You Should Say No to New Work

Reaching the point where you have so much work you need to start saying no to clients is a good space. But it takes some navigation. Here are tips to help.

How “What Do You Think About It?” Can Make You a Better Copywriter

If you want your prospect to buy, support, subscribe or act, you can’t expect him to act simply because you say so. You must provide proof. Here are four kinds of social proof you can use.