September 2015

Fitter, Happier, More Productive: 5 Web Writer Wellness Habits

Striking a work-life balance that leaves you feeling creative, relaxed, alert and healthy can be tough. These 5 wellness habits for web writers will help.

The Art and Science of Being Believable

To be a successful copywriter, you must write like you talk. Here are some tips for writing easy-to-read copy.

10 Signs You Were Meant to Work for Yourself

If you’re meant to work for yourself, you likely feel it. Deep down inside, you know you’d do better, be happier, and live a richer life as your own boss.

Marketer-to-Marketer: How to Find Great Copywriters for Your Business

Copywriters play a crucial role in the direct marketing word. Find out how to identify a great copywriter and the five steps for building a good, long-term relationship with each writer you choose to work with.

To Succeed as a Freelancer, Forget Everything You Learned as an Employee

As a freelancer, you have the ability to choose your own schedule, who you work with and what you work on, but it can be hard to break your old 9-to-5 habits. Here Nick Usborne shares some tips for breaking those habits.

A "Beginner's Paradise" for New Copywriters?

What’s the easiest way to get started as a copywriter? Steve Slaunwhite recommends B2B copywriting — here’s why.

Fast-Track Your Success: Work with a Mentor

Want to succeed faster as a web writer? Work with a mentor. A mentor gives you four big advantages that will help build your success.

Online Sales Copy Worth Betting Real Money On

Successful direct-response marketers know that testing is the heart of successful marketing, but most online marketers don’t test. Here's how to transform those online marketers’ blunder into your own success.

The Easy Way to Write and Self-Publish a Book

Want to write and self-publish a book, but not sure how to start? Try a collaborative effort with other professionals. Here’s how.

Getting Started with Video Email Marketing

Do you use video in your email marketing? Video email marketing can boost your open rates, your click-throughs, and your overall response.

Make Your Story Sing

Using story leads in your copy can grab your reader's attention unlike any other form of communication. But, for story to be effective, you must follow these simple rules.

The Niche — Revisited

What’s the difference between a niche, a category, and a target market? And do you need to choose one? Steve Maurer has some answers.

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Research Your Audience

Social media research can give you insights into your target audience about their pain points, their desires, and their language. Learn five strategies.