December 2015

Trust the Process

The key to achieving your goals is focusing on the process instead of the end result. Do you trust the process?

Answer These 5 Questions Before You Start the New Year

If you have big plans for 2016, you’ll want to read this first. Ask yourself these five questions before you make any resolutions or set any goals.

Why NOT to Make a New Year’s Resolution

Instead of making a New Year's resolution that you may not keep, Will Newman suggests making a specific - and more manageable - plan instead. Here's how you can get started now.

Habits to Create Steady Income Year-Round

Get off the income roller coaster many freelancers experience. Use these three habits to create a steady income all year long.

10 Ways to Declutter Your Life for the New Year

Desks. Shelves. Computers. Inboxes. Social media feeds. They all get cluttered. Use these tips to declutter and get the year off to a fresh start.

An Invitation For Us To Meet

The end of the year is a world-wide season for gift giving, and here's a gift you could give yourself that will keep paying off for years to come.

The Art of Providing a Compassionate Copywriting Critique

When a peer asks you for a copywriting critique, how do you provide honest feedback without being harsh or insensitive? Try these tips.

12 Days to Better Writing

Better writing takes practice. It requires some work on your part, but with these 12 exercises you’ll have fun while improving your skills.

Why You Should Stop Using To-Do Lists

Find out how Will Newman discovers that the Covey Four Quadrant Grid system beats traditional to-do lists when it comes to time management.

How to Use Challenges to Your Advantage

Are you facing challenges in your freelance business? Don’t be discouraged — they may be opportunities in disguise.

An Inside Look at a Working Copywriter’s Journey

Get an inside look at working copywriter Rae Robinson’s journey from earning $12k a year to $120K … and how you can follow in her footsteps.

Learning From My Copywriting Hero

Knowing copywriting history adds depth to your understanding of the industry, and here Will Newman shares a story of his copywriting hero who played a big role in shaping the industry.

10 Things All Successful Entrepreneurs Must Do

Successful entrepreneur Jasmine Watts shares 10 things every freelance copywriter must do to build a thriving business.

2015 Wish List of Top Gifts for Writers

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a special writer in your life, you’ll find the perfect item on this list of top gifts for writers.