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These Two Easy Copy Fixes Make Your Ideas Shine

Jen Stevens shares how you can make your copy shine by doing these two easy things.

3 Quick-and-Easy Tips for Writing "Chatty" Copy

Jen Stevens gives easy to implement tips on writing conversational copy.

Fish Funerals and Free Caribbean Vacations: The Joys of A Flexible Schedule

Jen Stevens explains how writing travel articles allow her to keep a flexible schedule, spend time with her kids, and enjoy certain perks when traveling the world.

How to Take Somebody Else's Good Idea and Make it Your Own — Legally

Jen Stevens explains that while stealing copy somebody’s copy is illegal, but taking somebody else’s ideas and make them your own for your copy is not and a great way to write about topics others have written before.

What Three Recessionary Trends Mean for Your Copy

Recession is a time to make a case for the tried-and-true. Jen Stevens demonstrates how three recessionary trends can strengthen your copy.

Why Story Leads Work … and Five Places to Find Them

Jennifer Stevens explains how story telling can help you get started on a new copywriting project.

The One Power Tool That Will Easily, Instantly Ratchet Up Your Copy

Jennifer Stevens suggests the one thing every new copywriter should focus on for creating more engaging copy.

4 Reasons to Consider Storytelling Leads – and 5 Places to Find Them

Jen Stevens explains how and why to use storytelling leads in your copywriting packages.

The Wrong Words … and the Right Ones … for Travel (and All) Writing

Jen Stevens teaches you how to write better, more engaging descriptions.

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Jen Stevens recommends several books to improve your writing.

Secrets of a Master: 10 Insider Secrets of Successful Interviewing, by Jen Stevens

Jen Stevens shares ten secrets for conducting better interviews.

Insights From the Masters … Six Techniques for Jumpstarting Your Creative Engine

Master copywriters like Don Mahoney and Michael Masterson share how they overcome writers block and get moving on a project.

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Jen Stevens unveils the best way to make your copy flow effortlessly and to keep your readers hooked.

Secrets of a Master: How to Speak Directly and Personally to Your Reader by Banishing Passive Voice

Jen Steven reveals how you can better connect with readers by eliminating the passive voice from your copywriting.

5 Power-Packed Writing Techniques To Dramatically Improve All Your Writing

Jen Stevens shares five ways to immediately add power to your writing.