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Secrets of a Master: “The Secret of the ‘Skeptical’ Narrator” by John Forde

John Forde shares master-level copywriting secrets.

Secrets of a Master: What You Can Do As a Copywriter When It Comes to Writing Offers

John Forde uncovers the secrets of writing offers your readers will act on.

Secrets of a Master: How to Add Power Negotiation Tactics to Your Sales Pitch

John Forde shows you the power of reciprocal concession.

More of What You Need to Make Your New Writing Career Pay Off

John Forde shares more tips for building your career as a successful copywriter.

Five Absolute Essentials for Making It as a Copywriter

John Forde tells you what you need to make it as a freelance copywriter.

Secrets of a Master: Breakthrough Thinking With Much Less Work

John Forde shows how to reach higher levels of copywriting success by working smarter—not harder.

Insights From the Masters … Six Techniques for Jumpstarting Your Creative Engine

Master copywriters like Don Mahoney and Michael Masterson share how they overcome writers block and get moving on a project.

Infallible Cures for Creative Burnout

Master copywriter John Forde shares his secrets for overcoming creative burnout.

Secrets of a Master: The Power of Social Proof

John Forde shares some of “Influence: The Power of Persuasion” author, Robert Cialdini's secrets for persuading people to make buying decisions.

Secrets of a Master: How to Make "Yes" Irresistible

John Forde shows how to get your prospect to say, “Yes,” by taking away his reasons to say, “No.”

Secrets of a Master: Less Is More. Confessions of a Word-a-Holic

John Forde shares how over-writing can potential hurt the results of a direct mail package.

Secrets of a Master: Memories, Behavior, and the Volkswagen Beetle

John Forde reveals how powerful nostalgia—and memories—can be and how you can use it in your next direct mail package.

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