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Working Past Worry

Brian E. Whitaker discusses many of the common fears associated with becoming a freelancer.

Finding Your Excitement in Opportunity

Like a kindergartner on the first day, Brian E. Whitaker talks about the excitement, and nerves, that come with starting as a freelance copywriter.

Five Ways to Make Space in Your Head

Brian E. Whitaker talks about taking responsibility and how it can help grow both yourself and your copywriting business.

The Power of Habits

Brian E. Whitaker talks habits, both good and bad, and how they can transform your copywriting career.

The Secret Upside of B2B Copywriting

Brian E. Whitaker defines the three audiences a B2B copywriter has to address to be a truly great copywriter.

The Five Secrets of Great B2B Copy

Brian E. Whitaker brings in some outside knowledge to shed light on some of the obvious, but possibly untapped, ways B2B copywriters can bring value to themselves and their clients and write the best copy possible.

Becoming the Life of the Party on LinkedIn

Brian E. Whitaker offers practical steps for engaging with prospective B2B clients on LinkedIn.

Breaking the Ice: Using LinkedIn to Connect to B2B Marketers

Brian E. Whitaker explains how to use LinkedIn to connect with potential B2B clients.

Finding ROI in the Most Buzzed About Social Media Site

Brian E. Whitaker reveals a social media site perfect for finding prospective B2B clients.

Finding the Best B2B Prospects at a Fortune 500 Company

Brian E. Whitaker outlines his best tips for finding the best B2B prospects at a Fortune 500 Company.

A Corporate Copywriting Breakthrough

Brian E. Whitaker shows you how to break into the corporate copywriting world by building your confidence, reaching out, and being creative in your networking.