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57 Novels Rejected Per Day: A Cut-Throat Screener's System for Bypassing your Reader's Urge to Click Away

Mandy Marksteiner gives you 5 things to do on your website — or for your clients — so you’ll pass your visitors’ screen test every time.

Eight Tips to Help You Conquer the Fear Holding You Back in Your Career

Mandy Marksteiner has put together eight tips that will help eliminate the nerves and jitters that get in the way of you reaching your highest potential.

To Coach or Not to Coach — Five Coaches Weigh In on How to Make an Informed Choice

If you see yourself as a business owner and you are committed to success, you might benefit from working with a coach. Mandy Marksteiner explains the ins and outs of the professional coaching world.

Setting Boundaries is a Crucial Step to Succeeding as a Writer

Mandy Marksteiner provides some great examples of where boundaries can help avoid catastrophe in a freelance career.

Waste Not, Want Not

Ideas are something that can easily be repurposed. Mandy Marksteiner provides some ways to make old ideas new again.

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