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3 Elements to a Strong Marketing Foundation

A strong foundation for your writing business is made up of 3 things. Discover what they are and how to implement them, so you can enjoy ongoing success.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Talking Money with Clients

Do you hate the money conversation? A lot of writers do. But Ilise Benun has three tips that can help you approach talking money with confidence.

All You Need to Get Started Landing Well-Paid Writing Assignments Is LinkedIn

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The Formula for Properly Pricing Your Freelance Copywriting Fees

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Package Your Copywriting Services in 8 Simple Steps

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Quick Tip: Using Email Addresses

Ilise Benun's advice on contacting your dream client by email.

10 Things You Must Understand About Prospective Clients

Understand your clients needs and ways with 10 items by Ilise Benun.

Become a “Relationship Artist” to Build Your Career

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Quick Tip: 5 Quick Hints for Walking That Fine Line Between Pestiness and Persistence

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10 Things You MUST Understand about Your Prospective Client

Ilise Benun shares what information is vital for you to know about your prospect before you begin writing.

The Art of Networking: How to "Work" a Room

Ilise Benun gives tips for how to network more effectively.