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Over 50 Years of Copywriting Experience

A true master of words, Herschell Gordon Lewis takes over the Golden Thread this week to give some great vocabulary lessons for copywriters.

I Have Nothing To Say, But Don’t Quote Me

Herschell Gordon Lewis shares that often writers use a lot of words to say absolutely nothing, and what you can do as a writer to avoid making this mistake.

The Writer’s Life – Livin’ it Up!

Master Copywriter Herschell Gordon Lewis gives a glimpse inside his writer’s life and shares 3 “rules of the road” for thriving in yours.

Everybody Is an Expert

Herschell Gordon Lewis explains how controversy in marketing is worthwhile. In his session at Bootcamp Herschell will discuss “social media” vs. conventional Web marketing.

A Contemporary Set of Ten Commandments

Master Copywriter, Herschell Gordon Lewis explains his Ten Commandments that will increase your response rate.

The “Four Great Rules” of Copywriting: Sorry, Mr. Pickwick, not these.

Copywriting industry icon, Herschell Gordon Lewis shares his “Four Great Laws” of copywriting.

Words of Wisdom …

Herschell Gordon Lewis talks about the unseen dangers of your own education.

What's Wrong With That? THIS Is What's Wrong With That

Herschell Gordon Lewis reveals steps you can use to make sure every piece of copy you write is at its best.