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Achieve Your Dreams Faster by Being a “Just-in-Time” Social Media Writer

Businesses need writers who know social media, especially the real-time aspect of content creation. Use this to become an in-demand social media writer.

Practice Assignment: Write 83 Words of Online Copy

Practice is the best way to get started, and get better, as an online copywriter. Here’s the chance to do a practice assignment, using tips from a master.

Make Money as a Copywriter Without a Single Client

This may be surprising but there’s a simple way you can make money as a copywriter without a single client. Learn more about how to earn money writing.

Social Media Writing Leads to Multiple Copywriting Assignments

Nick Usborne explains why writing for social media is the best way to get multiple paid copywriting assignments from a single client.

“A-List” Copywriter Nick Usborne Shares Why Copywriting is the Ideal Career Choice

Copywriting is the ideal career choice because you get freedom to live where you want, write what you want, and earn as much money as you want.

Questions to Ask Your Social Media Clients Before You Begin Work

Understanding your social media client goals and expectations will make every project go smoother and establish you as a true professional.

How Being a Social Media Expert Can Build Your Web-Writing Income

Becoming a Social Media Expert is one of the fastest ways to land retainer agreements. But social media can build your income in other ways, too.

Are You Using Enough Types of Content on Your Website?

You can make your client’s website work better in terms of lead generation, audience engagement, and overall sales by using more types of content.

To Succeed as a Freelancer, Forget Everything You Learned as an Employee

As a freelancer, you have the ability to choose your own schedule, who you work with and what you work on, but it can be hard to break your old 9-to-5 habits. Here Nick Usborne shares some tips for breaking those habits.

5 Ways to Add New Web-Writing Clients to Your Roster

With the demand for your services huge and growing, it’s a good time to be a web writer. Nick Usborne shares five ways to land new web-writing clients.

5 Reasons Web Writers Have More Fun

Web writing is a great opportunity. There’s high demand and strong growth. But web writers also have a lot of fun. Nick Usborne shares 5 reasons why.

Why the Opportunity for Web Writers Has Never Been Bigger

Nick Usborne provides you with some areas to focus on that will put yourself firmly on the way to landing clients and growing your business at a rapid pace.

14 Ways to Make Money as an Online Copywriter

Nick Usborne shares a slide show explaining the many benefits of becoming an online copywriter.

You’re Dead Wrong if You Think B2B Companies Aren’t Using Social Media

From office supplies to engines, B2B companies are demanding a strong social media presence. Nick Usborne explains the strange new phenomenon of B2B social media.

Don't Share Your Skills

Nick Usborne takes a unique approach to marketing that will not only boost your image in the eyes of your prospects but also in the way you view yourself.

14 Ways to Make Money as an Online Copywriter

Nick Usborne shares a slide show explaining the many benefits of becoming an online copywriter.

The Money Magic of Social Media: Your Best Opportunity to Make It Big Since the Birth of the Web

Nick Usborne reveals the unique opportunities in social media, and how entrepreneurs can step in and make their mark.

Impress Your Online Clients with Your Direct-Response Mindset

Nick Usborne tells you how to improve your relationship with your web clients by making sure they convert their leads to sales.

Look for Online Copywriting Projects That Repeat on a Regular Basis

Want to make more money while saving time and energy? Nick Usborne tells you how to get clients with repeating projects to save you time and increase your productivity.

Freelance Success is Defined By the Relationships You Build

Nick Usborne explains different client relationships and just how important they are to your freelance business.

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