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Land New Web Copywriting Clients With 1 Question

Asking questions is an effective strategy for getting work from new business connections. Pam Foster explains how you can win new web copywriting clients by asking a single powerful question.

Get Paid $2,500 for Writing a Proposal … and Open the Door to Endless Money-Making Opportunities with Clients

Pam Foster reveals an approach that can earn you $2,500 on web content proposals while setting the stage for infinite opportunities with your clients.

10 Things You Should Never Do with Copywriting Clients … IF You Want to Win Them Over and Have Them Hire You Again and Again

Professional copywriter and web consultant Pam Foster provides her top 10 things not to do with clients.

Ensure Your Clients Will Be Happy With Your Web Copy Submission By Using a Client-Friendly Web Copy Checklist

Find out the complete checklist to ensure your web copy submissions meet the mark every time.

A One-Two Approach to Improving Web Conversions

Pam Foster shares her two best practices for making sure visitors who find your copy through the search engines, will stick around and convert for you.

Win That Web Project By Properly Answering Your Prospective Client’s Questions

There’s nothing worse than feeling unprepared for a prospective client’s questions during a phone conversation about a possible project. Pam Foster offers five of the most common questions a prospect may ask you, along with ideas on how to answer them in a manner that puts you in control of the situation.

For Emails That Work – Avoid These “Disaster” Words

Successful web copywriter and consultant Pam Foster offers some advice for keeping your emails away from the spam filters, so they make it into the inbox of your recipient.

Five Must-Know Facts About Web-Copy Success

Web copywriter and consultant Pam Foster offers five ideas to help you put the ever-evolving online marketing landscape into perspective as you pursue your web-writing career.

Getting Clients Tip: Contacting Companies About Their Websites

AWAI “Wall of Fame” copywriter Pam Foster offers a way to get clients for your web copywriting business.

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