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You’re Nowhere in Direct Marketing Without This

Good copywriting succeeds on a number of different levels. But getting your prospect to give you money (or sign up, donate, support your cause, or act) is just the end result.

The Myth of the “Road to Success”

Feeling stuck during our quest for success can keep us from starting up again. Use this metaphor as motivation to help you continue on your path to success.

Good Ideas in Your Ears

New, creative ideas can be found almost anywhere. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times, and you might be surprised where your next big idea comes from.

The “Evolutionary Imperative” for a Great Headline

Attention-grabbing headlines that stir curiosity and receive a good response are important to your copy. Here are examples of headlines that do just that.

A Low-Tech Strategy for Strengthening Copy

Is your copy disorganized? Use the cut-and-tape method to edit your copy and make it stronger. Learn about this simple strategy here.

New Year’s Eve Disasters and a New Outlook

The copywriting industry can sometimes be a stressful one. Learn about the technique that can help you reduce stress, remain focused and increase energy.

Who Do You Believe? And Why?

The success of every bit of promotional copy depends on how believable your words are. But, what makes the words you write believable?

A Hidden Source of Easy Copywriting Practice

In order to become a great copywriter, you must write every day. Here are some tips for using email crafting as a source of practice.

Bob Bly’s 25-50-25 Rule

Successful copywriters divide their time between studying, analyzing and doing. Bob Bly's 25-50-25 rule helps you manage how much time to devote to each.

Golden Opportunity for “No Portfolio” Copywriters

Have a thin portfolio? Read this article to learn about the service you can offer to potential clients that doesn’t depend on an extensive portfolio.

The Power of a Companion

Having a companion to guide you through copywriting can help accelerate both your learning and your success.

The Easiest Resolution to Keep (And Save Money)

With winter officially upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, Will Newman is thinking warm thoughts of sunshine and palm trees that he experiences every year at Bootcamp.

Mid-flight Adjustments

The journey to success is never a perfectly straight line. You need to adapt and adjust. But, if you have the commitment and willingness to adapt, you'll get there.

Schedule for Success

Time is a resource that’s limited, and we all wish we had more time to accomplish what we need to do. Here Will gives tips on how to wisely budget your time.

Let Your True Voice Ring Out

Although we learned to write formally, it's OK to write like you talk. And, it takes much less time! Here are 5 strategies to help you make copy more conversational.

The Will to Succeed

We’re constantly challenged to stay on task, and distractions can derail our efforts to write. Will provides advice for using willpower to overcome distractions.

Finding Your Niche … and Beyond

Niches are well-defined parts of the vast world of copywriting, and almost every product fits into a specific niche, where it could be sold through direct-marketing.

Why you shouldn’t want to quit your job…

To make positive, steady progress, you have to find positively-stated goals that get you where you want to be. Will Newman explains more here.

Clayton Says, “Everything You Know is Becoming Obsolete…”

Here Clayton Makepeace shows you how to protect yourself from falling into the “what used to work” trap.

No More Blank Screen Blues

Every writer has battled writer's block and has experienced the frustration associated with it. Here's a strategy for turning a blank screen into copy.

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