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Equivalent Ratios and Your Success

Will Newman discusses how positive self-talk goes beyond confidence boosting ... and how it can be the extra push to move forward on your path to success.

The Value of the Human Voice

Here Will Newman discusses the importance of making your copy conversational and provides some tips for doing so.

3 Minutes to Change Your Life

Will Newman talks about Michael Katz’s new way to learn self-marketing and business-building strategies ... just in 3-minute chunks.

Never Deceive Your Prospect…BUT…

Will Newman explains why your clients and long-term successes depend on being able to develop a trusting relationship with your prospect-turned-customer.

Let Bob Bly Teach You…

The quickest, easiest way to make yourself the expert is to stand in front of eager, targeted listeners. Will Newman shares where to find those listeners.

Let Mark Twain Guide you

As a copywriter, you have one crucial job. You must get your copy read without your prospect being distracted. Will Newman explains in detail here.

Learn From My False Starts and Wrong Turns

Your ability to earn money in any niche depends on one consideration over all others. You must have a passion for what you’re writing about.

Are You Ready for a Job?

Even though Will Newman attends Bootcamp each year, he's never been to one Job Fair. Why? Because Job Fair is for YOU. He explains why here.

When Being Right is Wrong

The client is always right. We’ve all heard this phrase before, but is it true? Will Newman explains here.

Share in My Great News

Will Newman reveals some of the master copywriters who will be presenting at this year’s Bootcamp.

Learning From the Very Best

Will Newman tells you about a copywriter who’s achieved platinum copywriting success … and how you can learn the secrets behind his success.

Murder and the Art of Copywriting

Every writer falls in love with some of their ideas and phrases, but sometimes those beloved words must be eliminated in order to follow the Rule of One.

Taming the Tigers

Will Newman discusses how stress can impact your productivity, clarity and enjoyment of life, and how it even has the potential to hurt your copywriting.

Too Much Information!

There’s more to the Rule of One than using only one big idea. In this article, Will Newman shares the necessary pieces for mastering this technique.

Has it Really Been That Long?

Will Newman’s commitment to his career is reason number two that he keeps coming back to Bootcamp each year. Read on to learn what reason number one is!

A Little Boy, Broken Ice, and You

As you go through the ups and downs of becoming a successful copywriter, remember not to listen to people who tell you that you can’t accomplish something.

The Copywriter Who Changed My Life

Master copywriter Will Newman explains how Bob Bly changed his life… and how Bob can change yours, too.

Stand Up to be More Successful … and to Live Longer

Will Newman explains the importance of taking standing and stretching breaks throughout your day.

Don’t Be a Copywriter!

Targeting small clients (rather than high-visibility clients) when growing your copywriting business could be the key to becoming a successful copywriter.

Meet Me at Bootcamp

Will Newman is not a fan of traveling, and the only time he looks forward to leaving his "cave" is for his yearly trip to Bootcamp. He explains why here.

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