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Never as an Afterthought …

The P.S. at the end of a sales letter is one of the most important parts of the copy. Will Newman shares the different ways to make your P.S. stronger and better.

Isn't It About Time...

Will Newman talks about the joy he receives from being a Circle of Success Master Instructor and from watching COS members succeed.

How to Escape the “Fear and Greed” Straightjacket

Understanding your readers’ emotions is key, but Will Newman suggests that you dig a little deeper and tap into their core complex.

I’m Annoyed

Will Newman explains the importance of going beyond fear and greed, and truly understanding your reader’s core beliefs, desires and feelings.

Avoid This Hidden Trap

Will Newman discusses the over 250 ways your prospect can be distracted, and how to get their attention back.

This Web Will Free Up Your Writing

Outlining helped Will Newman all through school, but failed him miserably at copywriting. Find out what he did to overcome.

#1 Secret to Copywriting Success

Will Newman revisits a secret he revealed in his first article for The Golden Thread, and with good reason.

Don't Overspice Your Copy...

Let your words carry the beauty and the impact of your idea. Will Newman shows you how to dress your copy appropriately.

Success Isn't Always About Writing Great Copy

As a copywriter it’s important to be professional, follow instructions, and submit your copy on time and make sure it’s free of typos. Your clients notice the little things!

This "Super Niche" Can Make You Super Wealthy

Information Marketing isn't just another copywriting niche. It’s s “super niche” that enables you to write about pretty much anything you want! Learn more.

Stop Selling Your Product! (or Maybe Not)

People don’t like “being sold.” Learn how to use transparency in your copy so your prospect doesn’t feel like they’re being sold. Highlight the benefits without mentioning the product.

Learning From 8th Graders How to Strengthen Your Copy

Here are a few tips to help strengthen your copy during the editing process. Sometimes you may need to read your finished copy a couple times to get it just right.

How a "Born Loser" Will Ensure Your Success

Join Clayton Makepeace in Sarasota this April! He’ll teach you to land dream clients, build a reliable monthly income, and show you how to impress clients.

The Hidden Value of Stress

Having a positive attitude towards stress can lead to increased confidence and a healthier heart. As a copywriter, dealing with stress positively can unlock the drive to succeed.

Subheads: Now the Rest of the Story

Strong subheads should adhere to the 4 U’s: Unique, Useful, Ultra-Specific, and Urgent. Always check your subheads to make sure they guide your reader through the letter.

3 Reasons You Must Use Subheads...

Subheads provide a visual break for your reader and make the copy easier to read. They also help pull prospects to the ultimate action, so always check your subheads.

3 Positive Actions to Schedule Right Now for Your Success

Take these three positive actions to build success this year. Schedule time to read and write throughout the year and join a professional writer’s group.

How "Structural Priming" Will Make You a Better Copywriter

Structural priming is an effective method of priming your brain for copywriting. Copying effective sales letters over and over again will help build muscle memory.

Tradition be Damned

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions this year, resolve to accomplish your goals by taking action steps that move you in the right direction.

A Commodity More Valuable than Money ...

You can always earn more money. But you can never earn back wasted time. That’s why it’s so important that you make good investments with your time.

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