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Secrets Gleaned from Copywriting Legend Leo Burnett’s Greatest Campaigns

Five ad campaigns that helped make Leo Burnett one of the most influential people of the 20th century.

The Scientific Approach to Writing Great Headlines

You can write better headlines if you use these two scientific approaches that make you think more creatively.

Use These Proven Copywriting Formats to Get Your Copy Noticed

Use one of these four proven copywriting formats that will smash through the clutter of 362 ads a day.

Five Scientifically Proven Words You Should Use in Sales Letters

How using the right words in your sales copy practically guarantees the best and highest response rate.

The Big Idea is Hidden in This 5-Point Checklist

Answering these five questions will not only work magic on your copy but also help you uncover the Big Idea.

Why the Product You’re Selling Should be its Own Best Salesman

How showcasing a little-known benefit of the product you’re selling could make your copy stand out from the competition

Curiosity Combined with Desire Delivers the Powerful One-Two Punch Your Copy Needs

Capturing your prospect’s attention isn’t difficult if you understand how to combine curiosity with desire.

Why the Best Way to Negotiate Your Way to Success is Using Leverage. Here’s How “A-list” Copywriters Get High Fees.

If you know how to properly price your writing projects, you could see a dramatic increase in income. Here’s how “A-list” copywriters get high fees.

How to Use the 3-S Rules for Copy Clarity

Using these simple rules will make your copy clear and concise and produce great results for your client.

The Word Secret Behind Donald Trump’s Billion-Dollar Empire

The secret to making a sale comes down to word choices. The fewer complicated words you use, the better you’ll do at selling.

The Secret to Becoming a Copywriter

When do you become a real copywriter? Is it when you get your first client? Or your second? After a year writing copy? None of these. The answer may surprise you.

This Word Technique Helps You Become a Copy Genius

An apology to an AWAI favorite... A word technique used by the top writers... Satisfying your prospect’s emotional needs... Come to Bootcamp

How to Avoid Skinny, Weak Guarantees

You can’t simply dash off a guarantee and expect it to convince your reader you’re sincere. You need to “beef it up” so he knows you stand behind your product.

Why Your Guarantee Must Do More Than Assure Satisfaction

You’ve successfully convinced your prospect to buy, so you’re pretty much done. Right? If you think this, you’re making the same mistake B- and C-level copywriters make.

Pruning Words for Stronger Copy

Successful copy uses just as many words as it needs...and no more. Here’s a strategy for pruning unnecessary words from your copy to make it stronger.

Are Your First 100 Words Killing Your Copy’s Success?

Your lead should capture your reader's interest and their commitment to keep reading, and this begins with your very first words. If it doesn't, your copy will fail. Mark Ford provides a solution here.

What Do Fountain Pens Have to Do With Copywriting?

Learn what key marketing and business technique took a company from selling their product from their home to a 12,000-square-foot facility and $3.4 million annual revenues.

Bringing Order to Swipe File Chaos

Organizing swipe files can become overwhelming. Here are some tips to managing the files so they don’t get ignored and forgotten.

9 Insider Secrets to Working with an Editor

Don't fear the red marks! Working with an editor can be a positive experience. And your writing can improve as a result. Here’s how.

Making Swipe Files Work for You

The key to using swipes properly is not to steal from them but to use them as a model for your own work. Think of them as a stimulus to generate your own compelling ideas.

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