Andrea MacDonald

Articles by Andrea MacDonald

You Don’t Have to be a Master to Master this Medium

Writers express themselves with words, but a way to boost your creativity and enhance your writing is by doing something artistic like painting.

Use Math to Figure out Your Secret Formula for Success

How using a few simple formulas can kick your writing career into high gear, landing you more clients and higher income.

Are Your Words Meshing With Your Client?

Your written idea can easily be confusing to your reader UNLESS you write with crystal clarity and meaning.

What You and Great Scientists Have in Common

Like scientists who live their lives doing experiments, finding your perfect writing niche requires a little bit of trial and error. The best way to discover your niche is to not waste time on markets that don’t interest you.

How Past Experiences Can be the Clue to Your Future Writing Career

How scrutinizing your own work and examining the works of others whose writing you admire could make a dramatic difference in helping you improve your writing skills.

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