Andrew Palmer:
Teaching Copywriters the Importance of Creating Value Online

"As a part of an overall online marketing strategy, a copywriter should be involved in every step … from the idea to the final execution. The more a copywriter knows the big picture, the better the copy and conversions. The days of tech guys editing or producing landing page copy are over, and with the ease of free multi-variant testing via Google AdWords the need for online web-savvy copywriters is greater than ever.

"AWAI provides a great opportunity to learn online insights from some amazing web experts. It’s not often you see such a wide range of web and email expertise in one place. I’ve been marketing online for over ten years and I still learn something every time I work with them."

— Andrew Palmer

Portrait Andrew Palmer, a licensed attorney, gave up his career in law to enter the fast-paced field of online and email marketing. His strength is helping online businesses create innovative, marketable web initiatives. His track record is impressive. He's an industry leader with his cross-functional expertise in Direct Response Marketing, Email Marketing, List Building, Search Marketing (Organic & Paid), Affiliate Marketing, Market Analysis, and Web Analytics. Andrew is an in-demand speaker on all areas of Search Engine Marketing as well as Online Name Acquisition & Conversion. He has acquired—without exaggeration—more than two million “opt in” names and successfully monetized them online for millions.