Charlotte Hicks:
Opportunity Abounds for B2B Copywriters

“B2B copywriting has opportunities for new writers, experienced writers, and everyone in between. It’s one of the easiest and surest paths to a six-figure copywriting income because B2B companies know the value of a trained copywriter and are willing to pay professional fees to freelancers.

I often refer to the B2B market as a secret hiding in plain sight. For every consumer product you see, there are many B2B companies in the background providing the components, packaging, and shipping. And nearly all of them need copywriters!

Plus, the market has thousands of niches from information marketers to professional services to corporations of all sizes. And, you can choose from direct-response copy, articles, case studies, white papers, and much, much more.

In B2B it’s possible to customize your copywriting business so you’re working with the types of companies you like most, on the projects you most enjoy.”

—Charlotte Hicks


CHARLOTTE HICKS decided to join AWAI’s Circle of Success in the spring of 2010, to fully commit to being a freelance copywriter, and she has never looked back!

With a background as a tax accountant for a Fortune 500 firm and extensive experience in the insurance industry, she has been able to use her experience to establish a copywriting business serving the insurance and information marketing industries. Charlotte has worked with clients all over North America and as far away as South Africa, Slovenia, and Russia.

She is a Circle of Success Instructor, and the founder of Nowpreneur, which provides marketing services to insurance, financial, and accounting companies.

Charlotte enjoys working from her home office overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway in North Carolina. She is a PADI SCUBA instructor and an award-winning underwater photographer.

Books by Charlotte Hicks

A Business Success Journal – Straight Talk by Real People (co-author)

The Nowpreneur Manifesto (publishing late 2016)

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