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Quick Tip: Clipping Paths the Easy, No-Stress Way

Find out an easy way to clip paths.

Working on a Successful Team Project

Advice for designers working with other designs on a project.

Quick Tip: Create a Professional Portfolio That Blows Clients Away

Designer Dennis Rome gives advice on presenting your portfolio as professionally as possible.

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Interviews with Dennis Rome

Student Success Story: Dennis Rome Proves You Can Really Make a Living in Graphic Design

Design member Dennis Rome shares advice on how to get started in graphic design.

Success Story: AWAI Graphic-Design Member Dennis Rome

An interview with graphic designer Dennis Rome reveals success secrets that any freelancer can use.

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Choosing the Right Computer, Part 3: Customizing Your System So It Works for You

Design Experts share the three most important configuration decisions – processor type and speed, memory (RAM), and hard drive space.

Choosing the Right Computer, Part 2: Laptop or Desktop – Which Is Best for You?

Design experts share their view on what computer is best to start design business.

Choosing the Right Computer, Part 1: Windows or Macintosh?

Design experts give advice on what computer to buy to start design business.

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