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What's in a Name When Looking for Freelance Writing Jobs

Find all the writing projects you want in this one free resource for AWAI members. Clients in all niches are looking for writers like you right now. Find your match, no matter what your specialty.

How Copywriters Find Big Ideas to Pull in Readers and Get Results

When copywriting, the right big idea will make all the difference in the success of your sales package. See how top copywriters find their big ideas.

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Talking to Freelance Writing Clients: How to Manage Conversations with Confidence - Inside AWAI

Find out to how to navigate freelance writing client conversations with ease. In this free Inside AWAI session, Rebecca, Pam, and Helen role-play a variety of client scenarios, so you’ll know what to ask and say about project goals, fee estimates, timelines, and setting the tone for a smooth project. These tips will put you in the driver’s seat and help you win more projects.

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