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AWAI Insider Success Strategy … Stop Screaming! Use Simple Design to Lead Your Reader Directly to the Sale

Learn how to create a seamless “reading path” for your reader on any web page or advertisement you create. Successful reading paths use a specific design hierarchy.

Easy Design Strategies That Lead Your Reader to the Sale

Kammy Thurman shares design strategies that improve readability and boost sales.

Are You Committing These 12 Deadly Website Sins?

Kammy Thurman discusses 12 mistakes that be hurting your website's effectiveness

Using “Points of Entry” to Capture the Prospect's Attention … and the Sale

Kammy Thurman discusses design strategies that help to guide the reader through the package.

Improve Designs With Infographics

Kammy Thurman shares how graphics that show information instead of telling it can improve the strength of your design.

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Interviews with Kammy Thurman

Success Story: How Kammy Thurman Got Her First Writing Job … Then Her First Copywriting Job – and What She Did When They Asked Her for Samples

Kammy Thurman shares how she landed her first copywriting job and gives you insight on how to handle it when a client asks for writing samples.

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AWAI Wall of Fame Member Kammy Thurman

AWAI member Kammy Thurman shares her success story.

When Did You Realize You Were Living the Copywriter’s Life?

More new copywriters have been added to AWAI’s wall of fame.

Dear AWAI: "We're Having Such a Blast on this New Adventure …"

Kammy Thurman talks about her new life adventure made possible by her copywriting career.

Two IFD Graphic Designer Success Stories

Two graphic design success members share their success stories.

Choosing the Right Computer System, Part 5: Graphic Gadgets Demystified

Graphic design experts share their thoughts on graphic design gadgets.

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