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A Life Without Chains

Krista Jones gives us a glimpse into how her idea of what the writer’s life means has changed over the years, how she overcame some very common fears, and how she has created a life that’s much richer than she dreamed.

Quick Tip: Know Your Value … and Outsource Accordingly

When and what you should outsource to make the most of your time.

What I Did to Land a Test Mailing for AWAI – and How That Might Help You Win $10,000

Krista Jones shares her experience working on AWAI's 10k challenge.

Quick Tip: Create Your Own Website – Quickly and Inexpensively

Krista Jones gives you a quick guide to creating your own website.

Secrets of Creating a Winning Magalog

Krista Jones reveals how you can write a magalog that gets results.

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Interviews with Krista Jones

Interview: Krista Jones on How to Get Started and Succeed As a Self-Help Copywriter

Krista Jones explains how she started a successful self-help copywriting career, and shares practical advice on how you can do the same.

Living Proof: Krista Jones Reveals How Writing Let Her Ditch Her Office Life for Good

You don’t have to be stuck in an office. If you love the outdoors, Krista Jones’ story will show you a way to use writing to escape to the outside for good.

Success Story: Interview With Budding Copywriter and AWAI Member Krista Jones

In an AWAI interview, Krista Jones reveals her experience with the 10k challenge.

More About Krista Jones

How to Find a Copywriting Mentor

Krista Jones was able to quit her job and become a freelance copywriter by getting herself a mentor. Learn how you too can benefit from a mentor.

What Does Living the Writer’s Life Mean to You?

Whether you’re living the Writer’s Life now, or planning to live it one day soon, we want to know what living the writer’s life means to YOU.

How to Use Your Copywriting Skills to Build Better Relationships

Learn to use the skills you already have to help you network and get the client. Read how Monica Day hit it big in the short three years of copywriting.

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