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Quick Tip: 3 Email Tips to Keep Your Clients Happy

Lori Appling gives you three tips to better email communication.

6 Power Tips for Landing, Managing, and Keeping Clients

Lori Appling gives advice on working better with marketing directors.

AWAI's $10,000 Challenge

Lori Appling announces AWAI's ongoing copywriting contest—the 10k challenge.

7 Proven Ways to Find Your First Client

Lori Appling shares seven tips from AWAI members on how to land your first client.

A Quick Note from the AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp

Last week's bootcamp in Delray Beach brought together 102 students from all over the world.

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Keeping Your Marketing Director Happy

Lori Appling gives four “proper handling” tips on how to work with marketing directors, so that they think of you when they have new assignments.

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