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Plug in to Make it Easy

Here’s an overlooked way to make any job easier. As copywriter and author Pat McCord explains, if you learn to do this, you’ll never feel in over your head.

The “No-Marketing” Marketing System

Copywriter and author Pat McCord reveals a no-angst way to market your services, especially if you’re trying to navigate a dual career

Don’t Do it Alone – It’s Easier That Way

Pat McCord explains how you can make your writing life easier by forming a mastermind group, even if you don’t know a single writer.

When it Comes to “Easy,” This Trumps All Else

For making the writer’s life easier, here’s the one thing you can’t afford not to do. For copywriter and author Pat McCord, it made all the difference.

Make Copywriting Easy

Copywriter and author Pat McCord shares her insights on how to make the writer’s life easier, especially if you’re trying to navigate a dual career.

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Living Proof: Author Pat McCord Reveals How Copywriting Boosts Her Bottom Line

Fiction writers often need to “keep their day job.” Pat McCord found she can pay all her bills by combining book writing with copywriting for the best results.