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4 Compelling Reasons to Use Public Speaking to Get Clients

Peter Fogel shows how public speaking engagements can build your client base.

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Living Proof: Peter Fogel Reveals How Copywriting and Acting Can Combine for a Profitable Career

Why be a struggling actor or a starving artist? Here, Peter Fogel shares how combining creative fields can lead to greater success in both worlds.

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Toss Your Balanced Life in the Trash

Steve Roller shares how the best way to achieve goals can often come from starting from scratch.

4 Tips on Making the Transition to Freelance Copywriter

Peter Fogel was able to reinvent himself and become a successful freelance copywriter. Follow Peter’s success tips to jumpstart your copywriting career.

When Did You Realize You Were Living the Copywriter’s Life?

More new copywriters have been added to AWAI’s wall of fame.

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